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5 Weird Facts About the Bull Terrier Puppies Revealed


Bull terrier puppies are well-known for their egg-shaped head, energetic nature, crooked nose, and slit-eyes. With such features, it’s clear to see they don’t live up to the typical appearance ideal for dogs. However, this unusual appearance is possibly the most attractive attribute for bull terrier lovers.

Just like their looks, these lovable breeds have unique personalities that make it impossible not to have a good time hanging out with them. There’s more to bull terrier puppies than what meets the eye. Here are 5 amazing facts about them that you might not have known!

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1. They Can Cost You an Arm and a Leg!

Almost everything in life has a price tag, and so does a bull terrier puppy. As a bull terrier buff, you’ve probably searched for bull terrier puppies for sale near me either once or twice. Wondering how much you’ll have to spend to get that energetic puppy? Let’s find out.

First, you need to know that you can get these puppies for free through the bull terrier rescue. By rescuing such a puppy, you’re not only giving it a second chance at life but also a loving home. But of course, there’s always a reason for dogs to end up in rescue.

And often, this is due to behavioral issues or special needs. However, you can work on addressing such problems if you put your best foot forward when looking after the puppy. Generally, adoption fees are much lower in rescue than what you would pay when purchasing them from bull terrier puppies breeders. At times, you can pay as little as $100 to secure one.

If you decide to buy the puppy from breeders, you should keep in mind that many factors affect the bull terrier puppies cost. These include:

  • Breeders’ location
  • Lineage of the puppy
  • Breed popularity
  • Litter size
  • Socialization efforts

It will typically cost you $2,075 for a bull terrier puppy with papers but no breeding rights. Although it cost less to go for puppies without papers, it’s wise not to fall for the trap of purchasing them.

Are you searching for a puppy with a superior lineage? If so, you should expect to part with roughly $2,400. This price tag can go up to $10,000 if the dog comes from an exceptional pedigree or a top breed line.

While budgeting for a bull terrier puppy, it’s essential to also account for the associated cost of owning them.

Bull Terrier dog
Factors Affecting a Bull Terrier Puppy’s Cost

2. Bull Terrier Puppies Are Some of the Best Family Dogs Ever

Don’t let their scary looks fool you. These puppies are lovers, not necessarily fighters. They’re always affectionate to children and other members of their household. But raising a bull terrier puppy isn’t as easy as you might think.

Their friendliness means that you shouldn’t leave them alone for long hours. Since they’re energetic and have high intensity, these puppies need vigorous playtime and plenty of exercises. When training a bull terrier puppies, you need to be firm and consistent.

Typically, it would help if you take your pup for walks at least three times a day; in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Plus, taping might be required if bull terrier puppies ears fail to stand up on their own. This is true, especially if your puppy is more than six months old.

Plus, it’s important to set aside time for activities with your puppy. Remember to also shower it with a lot of love and affection. With the right amount of exercise, you’re sure to get a healthy, happy, and utterly non-destructive dog. Over time, this dog may end up becoming your new best friend!

To ensure peaceful coexistence between your puppies and other canines, they need early and supervised socialization. This should happen in early puppyhood and continue throughout their life. However, be cautious when introducing other furry pets such as cats—more so, when they enter their territory.

Be it the English White Terrier or bull terrier puppies brown, these dogs can be rambunctious. Therefore, they’re not the best pet options for homes with younger children. But if you’ve got older kids, bull terriers are excellent tireless playmates.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of bull terriers? These dogs will not only protect you but also leave you fully entertained. Just remember to check your state laws about ownership of bull terriers before you bring one to your home.

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3. They’re Not as Dangerous as They Look

Just as their names suggest, bull terrier puppies are a cross between bulldogs and terriers. In their quest to come up with the ultimate fighting pit dog, breeders decided to mix bulldogs’ brute force with the terriers’ tenacious spirit.

This breed was referred to as the canine gladiator. Fortunately, through the Human Act of 1835, blood sports such as dog fighting was outlawed. With these changes, bull terriers got other tasks like being companions.

However, they still seem to have a terrible reputation. Bull terriers are considered aggressive and combative. That’s why many people may consider them among the most dangerous dog breeds in the world.

Add to their sturdy, bulky appearance with shark-shaped head, and you can easily conclude that these dogs are evil, right? However, the story is different when you take a keen look at their nature.

Bull terrier puppies are extremely people-loving and friendly. They like close contact with their owners and enjoy physical contact.

4. Highly Intelligent

Believe it or not, bull terriers are one of the most intelligent and smartest breeds out there. Many bull terrier buffs rank them at the top, which isn’t that far from the truth. But why is this so?

Well, these dogs are curious, fast learners and extremely smart. This also has its roots in their fighting past. Quick thinking and intelligence were highly encouraged traits. So, only the most intelligent dogs found their way inside the ring.

Dog facts
Bull Terriers’ Intelligence

5. Are Bull Terriers Mean?

Bull terriers are considered to be a very stubborn and self-possessed breed. Or, you could put it as being dedicated and motivated to whatever move they decide to make. Unlike other dogs, bull terriers won’t follow your whims without having their own opinion.

Don’t think that they’re lazy, sad, and unmotivated dogs. Again, all these traits are because of their fighting past.

But this doesn’t mean they don’t follow orders. They simply need a strong leader. Bull terriers can be hell-bent on what they want. And unless they get an order from someone they respect; they will try to get it in whatever way.

Simply put, these dogs have a powerful personality that isn’t fit for every homeowner, especially first-time dog owners. This, combined with their high intelligence, is essential in understanding bull terrier puppies brindle traits.

Luckily, they’ve got a gentle side too. Bull terriers are loyal pets, and you can count on them to guard your family. Like other tough breeds, proper precaution around children, strangers, and other animals is vital.

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Closing Thoughts

There’s a lot to dig into when you think of buying a bull terrier puppy. Above all, these puppies are fearless, calm, collected, and loving. Before getting one, consider your family’s temperament to see whether you would be a good fit for bull terrier puppies.

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