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Centuries ago, there was a great need for triumphant and speedy hunting techniques. Canine domestication about 14,000 years ago brought a breath of fresh air to hunters. With their dependable sight, scent, and sound, dogs simplified the process of locating and catching prey.

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While the practice dwindled with time, some states still pursue wild animals with hunting dogs as a hobby or a wildlife management strategy.

In this topic, we will brief you on the best hunting dogs and why you need to empower yourself on dog information through crossword puzzles.

What are Hunting Dogs Crosswords?

Solving puzzles goes back to the 1920s where participants used it to improve spelling, attentiveness, and memory. There is also proven evidence that crossword puzzles help to fight Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Before you tackle any puzzle, you need to engage your mind in intensive logical thinking. This process is necessary for a crossword solver to find the correct answer to insert in the puzzle grid.

When you hear about crossword clues, these are hints that one has to translate to get the required answer. While some cues are easy to comprehend, others may require more time and deeper.

Given that dogs play a vital role in human beings’ lives, hunting dog’s crossword clues have been used for leisure and to educate more about canines. For instance, if the clue talks about a certain dog’s characteristics, you are expected to find more information surrounding the issue to help you solve the puzzle correctly.

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Below Are Some of The Most Popular Hunting Dogs


Beagle is one of the top hunting dog breeds known for its well-built and reliable body. A regular beagle weighs between 20 to 25 pounds with a height of up to 15 inches.

Initially, the breed was used for hunting small animals like rabbits and gophers. The limelight slightly shifted to other robust dogs around the 1800s when fox hunting became prevalent. However, this did not deter passionate hunting dog breeders from using beagles in their hunting escapades.

Some of the beagle’s outstanding features include a strong bark, remarkable scent, high energy, alertness, and following good trails.

American Foxhound

When it comes to speed and endurance, an American Foxhound is the ideal dog for you. Despite their excellent reputation for chasing deers and foxes, Foxhounds require plenty of exercises to stay fit.

Training a hunting dog calls for patience and endurance. Bear in mind that if you fail to take your American Foxhound for regular drills and walks, they easily become vicious and depressed.

To hound enthusiasts who love hunting dogs barking, American Foxhounds give an earsplitting bawling. In some cases, this comes as a nuisance to the neighborhood. Thus, it is always a challenge to keep American Foxhound hunting dogs as house pets.

Physically, this breed resembles a beagle but weighs much more at 60 to 70 pounds with an average height of about 21 to 28 inches.

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It is always a relief when you have hunting dogs that don’t shed. Pudelpointer is a low shedder that greatly resembles a Labradoodle. The main reason behind infrequent shedding is its coat which consists of a thick inner one and a rough outer layer.

Pudelpointer stands out as one of the most adaptable hunting dogs. For that reason, you can use them to chase deers, hares, and even birds. Additionally, they make good trackers and retrievers.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Have you ever heard of any Staffordshire as a pitbull hunting dogs? Pitbulls are popularly known for their fervor and might, but not as hunting dogs. However, when taken along for a hunt, they make perfect pin-down and catch dogs.

Since they are fast learners, these strong-minded dogs require constant training and practice to become expert hunters. Usually, Staffordshire weighs about 38kgs and a height of 16 inches.

Basset Hound

Basset hounds have been used as hunting dog breeds in France for a long time. One of the outstanding things about Bassets is the unique color scheme. From plain colors like blue or brown, you can also get a combination of different skin tones.

As one of the many hunting dogs brown breeds, you may come across bassets in different brown shades from light, dark to an almost red color. Another interesting aspect is that bassets adjust to various hunting dog adaptations.

With their powerful scent, you can use them to track almost any animal and bird. Additionally, they make loyal and loving companions as pets. Mostly, an adult basset weighs from 20 to 35 kg.

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German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP)

This is the jack of all trades in hunting. Significantly gifted in retrieving, chasing, and pointing, GSP makes brilliant home companions and excellent hunters. Naturally, there are very energetic dogs.

So, when you are not hunting, you have to keep them occupied with activities lest they get bored. Some of them include walking and uncomplicated training sessions. These dogs have a keen interest in athletics and make good competitors in canine sports such as hunt tests, agility, dock diving, and others.

GSP are some of the hunting dog’s brown and white-colored breeds. The standard color always ranges from a complete brown to speckled brown and white. They weigh around 70 pounds and 25 inches tall.

Breeds of Hunting Dogs

Bird Hunting Dog Breeds

There are several cases of hunting dogs abandoned after they failed to meet expectations. It is worth noting that not all hunting dogs made good bird hunters. As a result, some of them get dumped on roadsides, into water wells, and other inhuman ways.

Here are some hunting dog breeds that are known for their perfect bird pursuing and retrieval:

Golden Retriever

If someone asks about hunting dog names, probably the first that would come to your mind is a Golden Retriever. This is one of the most famous breeds that date back to the 19th century.

Due to their adaptability, hunting dog breeders find it easy to train them on hunting and sports techniques. Their immense energy, intelligence, and sociability make it a passionate working dog and a pet.

Given that they have a tender bite, hunters prefer using them when hunting soft animals and bird as they do not dent the skin. Nonetheless, their muscular and sturdy physique enables them to hunt for bigger animals.

Most of them weigh up to 75 pounds in adulthood, with a height of about 24 inches.

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Labrador Retriever

From the hunting dogs constellation era, canines have been excellent companions to man. Labrador first migrated to England as a sporting animal by the 19th century. Later the breed became an admired gun dog in World War II.

Currently, Labradors are some of the selected canine breeds in the hunting dogs BSD.

Since they swim well in cold temperatures, they are the most preferred hunting dogs when catching ducks.

Their friendly and outgoing nature also makes them popular as pets, service dogs, and search and rescue. Their body size ranges from medium to large, weighing 50 to 80 pounds with a height of 21 to 24 inches.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Previously referred to as the Little River Duck Dog, hunters used it to lure ducks to the seashore. This was made possible by the dog’s mischievous nature of wagging the tail playfully. As the ducks got fascinated by the good-natured approach, they would assemble at the shoreline where hunters would have a field day.

At the moment, hunting dog breeders use Tollers in hunting tests. Coupled with their affectionate nature and intelligence, they make perfect participants.

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Black and White Pointer

Like golden retrievers, pointers make good hunters both on land and in water. With a thin coat, they manage to hunt even in the coldest temperatures. Furthermore, they tolerate hot and humid environments.

From time immemorial, hunters used pointers to prey on small birds such as quails. Also, they make an ideal hunting dog’s black and white home companion. This is mainly because they rarely unless when bored or to notify the owner in case of strangers or dangers.

Black and white pointer weigh an average of 45 to 75 pounds with a height of around 28 inches.

English Springer Spaniel

Around the 19th century, owners would put hunting dogs collars onto Springers and use them for chasing and retrieving games. Initially, the breed was developed as a gundog but later participated in field competitions.

With very high stamina, speed, and intelligence, Springers makes effective bird catchers. It is important to note that Springers salvage skills equal the Golden and Labrador retrievers. Their smaller sizes also help them to pursue animals hiding in miniature spaces.

A normal-sized Springer weighs between 40 to 53 pounds with a height of not more than 20 inches.

Boykin Spaniel

The main intention behind the invention of this breed was to search for wild turkeys along Wateree Swamp. In the 1900s, this was an effective way of putting food on the table. Boykin’s body posture fits perfectly for the job.

Moreover, its brown color camouflages well in duck and dove marshes. Apart from being an impressive bird hunter, Boykin’s is also an aggressive companion. Weighing at a maximal weight of 40 pounds, they are light and flexible in pursuing birds at an alarming rate. Most of them stand at 14 to 18 inches in height.

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Parting Shot

Some of the best hunting dog breeds are spaniels, pointers, and retrievers. These specific breeds were invented with hunting in mind. Hence, they have the instinct, energy, and skills to pursue the game effectively.

While hunting opportunities are diminishing with time, these dogs perform awesomely well in field trials and hunting competitions.

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