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The 3 Best Hunting Dog Ever!-Your Search Stops Here


Centuries ago, there was a great need for triumphant and speedy hunting techniques. Canine domestication about 14,000 years ago brought a breath of fresh air to hunters. With their dependable sight, scent, and sound, dogs simplified the process of locating and catching prey.

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While the practice dwindled with time, some states still pursue wild animals with hunting dogs as a hobby or a wildlife management strategy.

In this topic, we will brief you on the best hunting dogs and why you need to empower yourself on dog information through crossword puzzles.

What are Hunting Dogs Crosswords?

Solving puzzles goes back to the 1920s where participants used it to improve spelling, attentiveness, and memory. There is also proven evidence that crossword puzzles help to fight Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Before you tackle any puzzle, you need to engage your mind in intensive logical thinking. This process is necessary for a crossword solver to find the correct answer to insert in the puzzle grid.

When you hear about crossword clues, these are hints that one has to translate to get the required answer. While some cues are easy to comprehend, others may require more time and deeper.

Given that dogs play a vital role in human beings’ lives, hunting dog’s crossword clues have been used for leisure and to educate more about canines. For instance, if the clue talks about a certain dog’s characteristics, you are expected to find more information surrounding the issue to help you solve the puzzle correctly.

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Below Are Some of The Most Popular Hunting Dogs


Beagle is one of the top hunting dog breeds known for its well-built and reliable body. A regular beagle weighs between 20 to 25 pounds with a height of up to 15 inches.

Initially, the breed was used for hunting small animals like rabbits and gophers. The limelight slightly shifted to other robust dogs around the 1800s when fox hunting became prevalent. However, this did not deter passionate hunting dog breeders from using beagles in their hunting escapades.

Some of the beagle’s outstanding features include a strong bark, remarkable scent, high energy, alertness, and following good trails.

American Foxhound

When it comes to speed and endurance, an American Foxhound is the ideal dog for you. Despite their excellent reputation for chasing deers and foxes, Foxhounds require plenty of exercises to stay fit.

Training a hunting dog calls for patience and endurance. Bear in mind that if you fail to take your American Foxhound for regular drills and walks, they easily become vicious and depressed.

To hound enthusiasts who love hunting dogs barking, American Foxhounds give an earsplitting bawling. In some cases, this comes as a nuisance to the neighborhood. Thus, it is always a challenge to keep American Foxhound hunting dogs as house pets.

Physically, this breed resembles a beagle but weighs much more at 60 to 70 pounds with an average height of about 21 to 28 inches.

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It is always a relief when you have hunting dogs that don’t shed. Pudelpointer is a low shedder that greatly resembles a Labradoodle. The main reason behind infrequent shedding is its coat which consists of a thick inner one and a rough outer layer.

Pudelpointer stands out as one of the most adaptable hunting dogs. For that reason, you can use them to chase deers, hares, and even birds. Additionally, they make good trackers and retrievers.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Have you ever heard of any Staffordshire as a pitbull hunting dogs? Pitbulls are popularly known for their fervor and might, but not as hunting dogs. However, when taken along for a hunt, they make perfect pin-down and catch dogs.

Since they are fast learners, these strong-minded dogs require constant training and practice to become expert hunters. Usually, Staffordshire weighs about 38kgs and a height of 16 inches.

Basset Hound

Basset hounds have been used as hunting dog breeds in France for a long time. One of the outstanding things about Bassets is the unique color scheme. From plain colors like blue or brown, you can also get a combination of different skin tones.

As one of the many hunting dogs brown breeds, you may come across bassets in different brown shades from light, dark to an almost red color. Another interesting aspect is that bassets adjust to various hunting dog adaptations.

With their powerful scent, you can use them to track almost any animal and bird. Additionally, they make loyal and loving companions as pets. Mostly, an adult basset weighs from 20 to 35 kg.

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German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP)

This is the jack of all trades in hunting. Significantly gifted in retrieving, chasing, and pointing, GSP makes brilliant home companions and excellent hunters. Naturally, there are very energetic dogs.

So, when you are not hunting, you have to keep them occupied with activities lest they get bored. Some of them include walking and uncomplicated training sessions. These dogs have a keen interest in athletics and make good competitors in canine sports such as hunt tests, agility, dock diving, and others.

GSP are some of the hunting dog’s brown and white-colored breeds. The standard color always ranges from a complete brown to speckled brown and white. They weigh around 70 pounds and 25 inches tall.

Breeds of Hunting Dogs

Bird Hunting Dog Breeds

There are several cases of hunting dogs abandoned after they failed to meet expectations. It is worth noting that not all hunting dogs made good bird hunters. As a result, some of them get dumped on roadsides, into water wells, and other inhuman ways.

Here are some hunting dog breeds that are known for their perfect bird pursuing and retrieval:

Golden Retriever

If someone asks about hunting dog names, probably the first that would come to your mind is a Golden Retriever. This is one of the most famous breeds that date back to the 19th century.

Due to their adaptability, hunting dog breeders find it easy to train them on hunting and sports techniques. Their immense energy, intelligence, and sociability make it a passionate working dog and a pet.

Given that they have a tender bite, hunters prefer using them when hunting soft animals and bird as they do not dent the skin. Nonetheless, their muscular and sturdy physique enables them to hunt for bigger animals.

Most of them weigh up to 75 pounds in adulthood, with a height of about 24 inches.

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Labrador Retriever

From the hunting dogs constellation era, canines have been excellent companions to man. Labrador first migrated to England as a sporting animal by the 19th century. Later the breed became an admired gun dog in World War II.

Currently, Labradors are some of the selected canine breeds in the hunting dogs BSD.

Since they swim well in cold temperatures, they are the most preferred hunting dogs when catching ducks.

Their friendly and outgoing nature also makes them popular as pets, service dogs, and search and rescue. Their body size ranges from medium to large, weighing 50 to 80 pounds with a height of 21 to 24 inches.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Previously referred to as the Little River Duck Dog, hunters used it to lure ducks to the seashore. This was made possible by the dog’s mischievous nature of wagging the tail playfully. As the ducks got fascinated by the good-natured approach, they would assemble at the shoreline where hunters would have a field day.

At the moment, hunting dog breeders use Tollers in hunting tests. Coupled with their affectionate nature and intelligence, they make perfect participants.

Commands for dogs
Dog Training Commands

Black and White Pointer

Like golden retrievers, pointers make good hunters both on land and in water. With a thin coat, they manage to hunt even in the coldest temperatures. Furthermore, they tolerate hot and humid environments.

From time immemorial, hunters used pointers to prey on small birds such as quails. Also, they make an ideal hunting dog’s black and white home companion. This is mainly because they rarely unless when bored or to notify the owner in case of strangers or dangers.

Black and white pointer weigh an average of 45 to 75 pounds with a height of around 28 inches.

English Springer Spaniel

Around the 19th century, owners would put hunting dogs collars onto Springers and use them for chasing and retrieving games. Initially, the breed was developed as a gundog but later participated in field competitions.

With very high stamina, speed, and intelligence, Springers makes effective bird catchers. It is important to note that Springers salvage skills equal the Golden and Labrador retrievers. Their smaller sizes also help them to pursue animals hiding in miniature spaces.

A normal-sized Springer weighs between 40 to 53 pounds with a height of not more than 20 inches.

Boykin Spaniel

The main intention behind the invention of this breed was to search for wild turkeys along Wateree Swamp. In the 1900s, this was an effective way of putting food on the table. Boykin’s body posture fits perfectly for the job.

Moreover, its brown color camouflages well in duck and dove marshes. Apart from being an impressive bird hunter, Boykin’s is also an aggressive companion. Weighing at a maximal weight of 40 pounds, they are light and flexible in pursuing birds at an alarming rate. Most of them stand at 14 to 18 inches in height.

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Parting Shot

Some of the best hunting dog breeds are spaniels, pointers, and retrievers. These specific breeds were invented with hunting in mind. Hence, they have the instinct, energy, and skills to pursue the game effectively.

While hunting opportunities are diminishing with time, these dogs perform awesomely well in field trials and hunting competitions.

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What Can You Give a Dog For Pain?


Nothing is more distressing than seeing your dog undergoing painful moments. However hard you try to prevent this problem, it will come up at some point. Pain can result from illness, injuries, or just normal conditions brought about by aging. The majority of older dogs have several cases of arthritis. This is one of the major causes of joint pain. So, what can you give your dog for pain?

Fortunately, it is possible to alleviate dog pain with prescribed medications or natural remedies. Scientific studies and general observations show that both methods work magnificently. However, the degree of success will vary from one medication to another.

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How Will You Know That Your Dog is Suffering From Pain?

You can use many ways to determine whether your dog is having painful episodes. Many of these are usually associated with bacterial or viral infections, parasitic infestation, and other diseases. It is important to identify the initial symptoms to offer the right type of pain relief medication. It’s also highly recommended that you work with a qualified veterinarian because they know the common types of common pain suffered by dogs.

If you notice that your dog is chewing, biting, or licking a specific area of the body so much, then it could be suffering from a painful episode. Other typical symptoms include yelping, growling, and vocalizing. Your dog may also be unable to move around the house, and it may be continuously restless.

Lack of appetite and antisocial behavior are other symptoms of pain among dogs. Other symptoms include trembling and shaking, especially if the dog is older. The veterinarian will examine to determine the causes of the pain and if there is any other health issue. Once that is complete, then they will propose a treatment program.

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What Can You Give a Dog for Pain Relief?

It is tempting to go with any pain relief option, especially when your dog is experiencing extensive pain. Over-the-counter painkillers are a preferred choice for most dog owners. But do you think they offer the right treatment option? In many cases, they can worsen the situation. So, here are some of the things that you should know about over-the-counter painkillers.

Can I Give My Dog Ibuprofen?

Over-the-counter painkillers can be divided into two groups. The first is the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). The most common members of this type of painkillers are naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin. Most people know naproxen and ibuprofen as Aleve and Advil, respectively. The other category of over-the-counter painkillers is acetaminophen. Usually, it’s used to treat flu and the common cold.

NSAIDs will reduce pain in your dog by preventing certain enzymes from producing prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are responsible for the painful feeling in dogs. Nevertheless, it’s also involved in controlling and maintaining other crucial body processes. If prostaglandins flow is reduced, blood flow to the kidney may reduce. Consequently, NSAIDs will treat your dog’s pain, but the effects on the dog’s general health will be devastating.

Acetaminophen is not without its problems too. It can alleviate the pain, but it can’t reduce inflammation. Very few details are known about acetaminophen, but researchers have linked it to kidney and liver damage. This tends to happen when dogs take large amounts of acetaminophen.

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Why Are NSAIDS Dangerous to Your Dog’s Health?

Scientists believe that there are so many reasons that discourage administering human pain medication to dogs. The main reason is the lack of clarification on dosage. The possibility of overdosing is always a vital factor. At the same time, many dog breeds don’t respond well to NSAIDs. Therefore, even if you determine the right dosage, you can still put your dog’s health in danger. If your dog is on additional medication, kidney, liver, and gastrointestinal diseases may prop up.

You can quickly determine when your dog has overdosed. Look out for appetite loss, bloody stool, diarrhea, and vomiting. If you don’t promptly tackle the overdosing issue, your dog’s liver or kidney may be damaged. In some cases, some dogs have died from overdosing.

Can I Give My Dog Aspirin for Pain

Some pet owners believe that baby aspirin can treat pain among dogs. While the dosage is remarkably less in baby aspirin, the dangers of overdosing hover over the horizon. It has been noted that aspirin has adverse effects on your dog’s stomach. If it is taken continuously, your dog will develop gastrointestinal problems or ulcers.

A veterinarian may recommend that you use baby aspirin to treat your dog’s pain on a few occasions. If such a situation occurs, following the doctor’s instruction is paramount. Your focus should be on finding aspirin with the lowest dosage. Also, it should be offered for a few days. It’s also a good idea to let the doctor offer the aspirin.

Veterinarians may recommend aspirin if your dog is suffering from musculoskeletal inflammation or osteoarthritis. Aspirin can reduce inflammation and lessen pain symptoms.

Aspirin Side Effects

Side effects associated with aspirin are rampant among dogs. You must know the symptoms and risks of giving aspirin to your dog. In general, the main symptoms of impending side effects are:

  • Mucosal erosion
  • Ulceration
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Black stool
  • Hemorrhage
  • Seizure
  • Coma

The best way to detect symptoms of side effects is to keep a close eye on your dog as soon as you give it aspirin. During the observation, you should record its appetite and behavioral changes. It would help if you kept samples of its urine as well as its activity levels. Checking for bowel movements also comes in handy.

Dogs in Pain
Dogs in Pain

Can I Give My Dog Paracetamol?

Paracetamol is a very common painkiller sold over the counter. It has been used to treat pain in human beings for a long time, but can it be safe for dogs? It is commonly accepted that paracetamol can kill cats in less than one day. This has been associated with absorption in the liver where cats’ liver fails to process paracetamol as expected.

Nevertheless, paracetamol does not have extreme effects on dogs. That does not mean that you shouldn’t seek a veterinarian’s approval before providing paracetamol to your dog.

You should be aware that paracetamol will have little effect on your dog’s kidneys. If your dog has been diagnosed with any renal disease, you can use paracetamol to treat pain.

Research is still ongoing on the use of paracetamol on dogs. Once you put your dog on paracetamol medication, you need to plan for occasional urine and blood testing. The paracetamol may have interfered with the kidney or liver’s operation. These tests will reveal problems at the early stages to stop the paracetamol medication.

Side Effects

As indicated above, the primary concern is liver damage. Your ailing dog may start to vomit, diarrhea, or lose its appetite. Once you detect any of these signs, you must contact the vet as soon as possible.

It would be best if you were on the lookout for other common signs to look for include red-blue gums, quick breathing, general fatigue, and muscle tremors. As a rule of thumb, your dog shouldn’t use more than ten milligrams of paracetamol in a day. If you need to go above this amount, you should seek clarification from your veterinarian.


Pet owners have used chondroitin and glucosamine to treat pain in dogs. For a long time, nobody knew why these two supplements were beneficial. However, recent research has revealed their impact on cartilage. The supplements provide nutrients to the cartilage. The cartilage can then use these nutrients to repair itself. Besides, supplements offer lubrication to the cartilage, reducing friction and pain. As usual, you should talk to your veterinarian before you are tempted to provide any of these supplements to your dog.

If the veterinarian recommends these two supplements, they should also provide a treatment plan. The treatment plan should be in written form with clear guidelines, dosages, and contingencies. Failure to follow the instructions can be fatal for your dog. If you offer your dog too little medication, its pain may not go away. On the other hand, too much medicine may end up overdosing your dog. Remember that the drug should not be transferred from one dog to another.

It is impossible to end your dog’s pain in totality, but improving the general feeling and mood is possible. Working with your veterinarian is a sure way to benefit from the supplements.

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Other Medications

NSAIDs work very well during pain relief, but they come with the baggage of side effects. Consequently, you may want to explore other medications. Once in a while, your veterinarian may propose tramadol or gabapentin use.

Gabapentin has been used to treat damaged nerves in people. This usage has now been extended to pets such as dogs. Your dog will become sleepy during the first hours or days, but it will eventually regain its activity level. Besides, most veterinarians advise that gabapentin should be taken alongside other medications.

Tramadol is also another excellent provider of temporary pain relief for dogs. Its function has been likened to that of other opioid medications. Initially, it was used to improve old dogs’ comfortability, but it is now used to treat all dogs’ pain. Unfortunately, tramadol also comes with some side effects. You may notice that your dog becomes dizzy or develops an upset stomach after taking tramadol medications.


You love your dog so much, and the last thing you want to see is its suffering from pain. When you notice that your dog is undergoing painful moments, your first instinct is to find medication immediately. In the process, you may be tempted to offer human painkillers to your dog.

It is not fair to offer human pain medications to dogs because they have been formulated for the human body. If you want to use human pain medications on dogs, you must look for those modified to fit the dog’s body. So far, meloxicam and deracoxib have been fronted as the best natural anti-inflammatory for dogs.

What can you give a dog for pain? If you are still grappling with this question, please contact us today.

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Why ESA Dogs Are Best In Fighting Depression


Depression is one of the most widespread mental illnesses worldwide. It affects your thoughts and how you perceive different aspects of life. Even worse, chronic depression can make you lose interest in the activities you enjoyed before your diagnosis. 

Some of the common symptoms of depression include feeling sad, extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, over and undereating, and a general lack of concentration. 

When you are depressed, you lose hope and think that you can never recover and get back to how you used to be. However, this is not true. With the right approach and a positive mindset, you can mitigate the symptoms of depression and overcome it altogether.

One of the proven ways of fighting depression and its effects is getting an emotional support dog. 

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Reasons to Choose an Emotional Support Dog as Your Depression Therapy

Josh Billings once said that a dog is the only being that loves people more than they love themselves. If you are suffering from depression, a pooch can provide you with the companionship you need when others distance themselves from you. This company has a positive effect on your mental and physical health. It explains why dog owners experience suicidal and other negative thoughts less often than those who choose to fight depression without help.

Emotional support dogs offer comfort and mitigate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Simply put, their presence is enough to improve the owner’s moods.

Unlike other pets, emotional support dogs do not need extensive training to make their owner comfortable. 

Emotional Support Animal
Emotional Support Animal Role


1. They Stimulate the Production of Neurotransmitters

The primary cause of depression is abnormal brain chemistry. This usually happens after traumatic events, and sometimes, the victims cannot explain why they feel the way they do. The solution to this problem is taking antidepressants that restore the brain’s chemical balance to normal levels.

Emotional support dogs serve a similar purpose to antidepressants. As trivial as it seems, this pet can have a massive impact on your psychological well-being. A dog keeps you calm such that you get distracted from your troubles. Hugging and playing with your pooch enhances your physical and mental health significantly.

Neurotransmitters are your body’s chemical messengers. They transmit chemicals to and from neurons and muscles. 

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Here are some of the neurotransmitters released when you interact with your emotional support dog. 


Cuddling with your emotional support dog stimulates the release of oxytocin, also called the love hormone. This creates a strong, loving bond between you and your dog, and more importantly, it makes you steady and calm.


Several studies indicate that looking lovingly at your emotional support dog boosts dopamine synthesis, also known as the pleasure hormone. This has multiple benefits to your body, including enhancing your immune system, making you resilient to many illnesses.


Having an emotional support dog beside you can make the negative feelings associated with depression go away. This is because the pet’s presence stimulates serotonin released into your body, which elevates your moods. 

An emotional support dog also makes you appreciate the things in your life. The supporting and comforting nature of these animals makes their owners open to interacting with other people.

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2. They Love You Endlessly

According to Mark Twain, if you take a starving dog and feed it, it won’t bite you. This is the key difference between a dog and a human being. 

People diagnosed with acute depression usually fight the condition by interacting with others. However, this approach is not effective because others can only help you to their comfort level. Only a few people can assist you when your program does not interfere with their schedule.

With an emotional support dog by your side, you do not have to worry about other people’s schedules. These animals provide endless love and ensure that you live free of the troubles caused by depression. Even better, they improve your physical and mental health.

The following are some indicators that show that your dog cares for you.

Constant Eye Contact

If your emotional support dog maintains eye contact with you every time you interact with them, it shows that they give you the confidence to open up to them. 

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Jumping Excitedly

Whenever an emotional support dog jumps excitedly after seeing you, it shows that they recognize and appreciate your presence. Look out for this important nonverbal cue when you come home from work or any other place.

Following You 

Dogs show you that they have your back by following you everywhere you go. This is particularly common in emotional support animals.


Another way that dogs use to express affection is by licking you. From a young age, mothers lick their pups to show love and make them feel secure. Therefore, when your pet does this, know that they are trying to help you let go of your depressive thoughts.

Wagging Tails

Happy and satisfied dogs like wagging their tails. When your pooch wags its tail at you, know that they are in a friendly mood, and they want to hang around you.

ESA Pets
ESA Pets Are Good for Your Health

3. They Alleviate the Symptoms of Depression

Depression patients often need company, but they are either too afraid or nervous to ask for it. If you cannot get people to talk to you, you might want to consider an emotional support dog. 

Emotional support animals provide a calming presence. They make you feel less lonely and alleviate the signs of depression by offering support and comfort. An emotional support pet never leaves its owner’s side.

Here are some reasons an emotional support dog is essential for depression patients.

  • They prevent you from thinking about the situations and incidences that trigger depressive thoughts.
  • The touch of an emotional support animal has magical healing powers.
  • Their companionship ensures that you find solace whenever you feel lonely and depressed.
  • They encourage you to play.
  • Since they spend most of their time next to their owners, they give them a sense of protection.
  • They provide endless care and support.

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4. They Enhance Your Physical Wellbeing

Psychological disorders cause massive effects on a patient’s physical health. As mentioned earlier, depression causes insomnia, body aches and affects your concentration. 

But, your furry friend can go to a great extent to improving your physical well-being. Below are some benefits of having an emotional support dog beside you when suffering from depression.

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5. They Assist in Restoration of Normal Routine

Emotional support animals are useful in helping depression patients to rebuild their social networks and interactions. By doing this, they help their owners restore their normal routine.

Here are some ways that your pet can help you get your life back on track.

  • They act as buffers between you and others; this relieves the symptoms of depression and ensures you never feel bad about yourself.
  • Because emotional support dogs never leave their owner’s side, they ensure that you are not afraid of attending social gatherings and other public places.
  • Depressive thoughts are easily triggered. However, an emotional support dog assures you of continual support from a faithful partner.
  • The need for consistent care and feeding when you have an emotional support dog makes you responsible.
  • Emotional support animals give your life meaning since you have to ensure that they are happy at all times.

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6. They Are Not Judgemental

Your dog will love you forever if you give them the attention they deserve. At the peak of depression, the only thing you want to do is distance yourself from society and avoid speaking to others. This is understandable because most people cannot discern the reason behind your depression. To make matters worse, they can start judging you when you tell them how you feel. 

The good thing about emotional support dogs is that they are not judgemental. They do not talk or judge the emotional state of their owners. All they want is you to offer your presence and cuddle them. They want you to be around them throughout and offer your warmth and affection. 

Additionally, emotional support dogs are susceptible to their owner’ moods. Whenever you experience slight emotional changes, the pet reacts accordingly. Instead of being judgemental, these pets lay around and look after the owner to see if they feel better.

Owing to an ESA Pet

7. They Always Love Your Company

Nothing is as relieving to a depressed person as finding a pet to support them after a hectic day at work. By giving you this company, emotional support animals ensure that you do not fall victim to monotonous routines and dull activities. These furry friends’ playful nature makes staying around them fun and exciting.

Here are some ways through which emotional support dogs provide you with excellent company. 

They Help You Out of Desperation

An emotional support dog helps in steering their depressed owners from gloom and desperation to a happier life. Depression patients often want to stay lonely because they spend most of their thinking retrospectively about past events. They also feel that nobody understands them. 

With the help of an emotional support dog, you can break this hypnotic trance and start perceiving life more positively.

They Encourage Playtime

Dogs and other pests are naturally playful. An emotional support animal distracts you from depressive episodes by continually lunging and hugging you. Such activities are beneficial to you and your pooch.

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Teach Them New Tricks

Dogs like learning new tricks. Fortunately, the internet has an abundance of resources that you can refer to when you want to train your dog. Besides keeping you occupied, exercising with your furry friend makes them more intelligent.

Feeding Schedules

Feeding is critical in ensuring that your dog remains healthy and free of illnesses. If your emotional support animal does not get a proper diet, they are unlikely to be useful to you. Even worse, you might have to spend money on treating diseases resulting from malnutrition.

Ensure that you adhere to your pet’s feeding schedule. This keeps the dog healthy and gives you something to look forward to.

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8. They Are Excellent Listeners

Most people with depression want somebody to discuss their issues, but they are often unable to find someone to listen to their ramblings. If you need somebody to share your thoughts with, it would be best to get an emotional support dog.

The following are some of how emotional support animals offer a listening ear.

  • Emotional support animals like listening to their owners. They have an excellent perception of your voice.
  • Emotional support dogs maintain eye contact throughout your conversation with them, which gives you the confidence to share your thoughts and feelings.
  • You can talk to your emotional support animal without fearing that they will share your secrets, as is often the case with humans.
  • An emotional support dog is like your diary. You can rant about your thoughts, and they will comfort you.
  • The best thing about emotional support dogs is that they listen to you without passing any judgment.
  • Dogs do not harass you while speaking, giving you the confidence you need to air out your thoughts.

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9. They Make You Step Outdoors

As mentioned repeatedly in this post, depressed people like shutting themselves from the world and remaining indoors most of the time. When confined in their rooms, such individuals pass the time by watching TV, sleeping on the couch, and consuming junk food. Over time, this inactive lifestyle increases the risk of contracting diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and heart complications.

However, an emotional support dog ensures that you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. This is because they need to stretch their legs and exercise daily. Since you have to follow them out, you must step outdoors. Watching your pet play can also positively impact your overall well-being.

An emotional support dog needs to be active and observe a consistent routine to remain useful to its owner. This activeness keeps them fit and healthy. By encouraging their owners to play outside, they play a vital role in experiencing depressive episodes less frequently.

10. They Help You Appreciate Your Self-worth

Depression can significantly shatter your sense of self-worth when it is at its peak. Recognizing your self-worth and having high self-esteem is crucial for having sound mental health. When you are depressed, you are likely to adopt a carefree approach in your daily life. However, an emotional support dog can help fight this behavior because it takes care of you.

ESA When Suffering from Depression

The best way to deal with depressive episodes is by indulging in activities that made you happy before you were diagnosed. If you have lost hope in life and are worried about the future, an emotional support dog can ease your thoughts by offering unconditional love and support.

The following are ways through which emotional support animals improve your sense of self-worth.

  • They help you forget about past mistakes and prevent you from having depressive thoughts. The love these pets give you is so deep that you love yourself.
  • An emotional support dog takes you out of self-isolation by ensuring you take care of your body and mind.
  • You need to take care of your emotional support animal. By doing so, you realize that another being needs you.

11. They Give You A Reason to Be Happy

Depression can make a person paint a bleak and sad picture about every aspect of life. It can make you feel that you do not deserve anything good in life. You lose the focus, interest, and energy needed to engage in worthwhile activities. In such times, having an emotional support dog comes in handy since it can change your perspective on life. 

These dogs’ cozy and fluffy nature can ease the depression and tension in your life. Dogs act silly and play around the house by themselves, making it hard to ignore them even if you feel bored. Regardless of how dull you feel, an emotional support animal can make you smile.

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Another impressive quality of emotional support animals is that they are responsive to their owner’s feelings and moods. However, you need to keep in mind that pets need to reciprocate the love and affection they show you. 

Having an emotional support dog in your life can help eliminate the sadness associated with depression. They ensure that you have something to keep you busy and excited after work.

12. They Improve Your Social Life

Taking a walk with your emotional support dog is adorable, as it allows you to enjoy the marvels of mother nature. Even better, people will admire your furry friend and want to interact with it. This is an excellent way to meet people and make new friends.

Emotional support animals present an opportunity to improve your social life. For instance, you can visit a dog park or partake in dog-friendly games, like baseball. All these are proven avenues for enhancing your sociability.

Most people find dogs adorable. Provided you are approachable. An emotional support animal can help you meet others. When you interact with people, you are less likely to think about the things that make you feel depressed.

We strive to lead you to the best ESA clinic. Be smart, look deeper, and don’t forget to read reviews before you go!ESA Reviews

13. They Enhance Your Moods

Mood swings are common among people with depression. Your unpredictability and constant negative thoughts can make people avoid you, including your family and friends. If you find yourself feeling moody, you might want to consider getting an emotional support dog.

Here are some ways an emotional support animal can enhance your moods.

Acting as a Distraction

When you focus your attention on your emotional support animal, you forget about the incidences that made you moody. Such distraction is useful for your mental health.

Keep You Away from Triggers

A trigger is an event or something that induces depressive episodes. An emotional support animal can help fight depression by keeping you from such triggers. Because they are super sensitive to your moods and feelings, they will come close to you when they feel that you are indulging in thoughts that can make you anxious and stressed.

Make sure you read reviews by clicking the button below before you make a choice.

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They Prevent Dull Moments

With an emotional support animal by your side throughout, you will never feel lonely and isolated. The two of you will always be together, and you will always have a playmate to keep you active whenever you feel bored. When you feel that your home is confining, you can take a walk outside.

How to Get an Emotional Support Dog?

Depression can suck the happiness out of your life and make you disinterested in activities that you previously enjoyed. While there are several remedies to this psychological disorder, obtaining an emotional support animal is one of the most effective ways of easing its symptoms and starting your path to recovery.

If you have never owned a pet, it can be quite overwhelming to find an emotional support dog. Here are the steps you should follow:

Book an Appointment

Before anything, book an appointment with a licensed mental health professional. Ensure that you research thoroughly before settling on a particular option. Ideally, the person you choose should have accreditation from recognized bodies and positive reviews from previous clients. 

ESA Letter
ESA Letter Benefits

Because of the rising mental illness cases, scammers are taking advantage of people by claiming to be licensed professionals. This underlines the importance of taking your time in research. 

After booking an appointment, try to arrive on time, whether it is a virtual or an in-person meeting.

Be Truthful

When meeting the doctor, do not be reluctant to share as much as you can about yourself. More specifically, feel free to share every detail about your daily life, with more emphasis on any mental health issues. It might feel uncomfortable, but this information is vital to helping the doctor make the right diagnosis of your condition. 

Your mental health doctor wants to hear all about the problems hindering you from enjoying your daily life and affecting your productivity. It is worth noting that doctors are trained to uphold confidential patient information, meaning that you should not hold back when talking to them. 

After finishing the interview, the doctor will assess the information you shared to see whether you suffer from any of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders conditions. If so, they will proceed to evaluate your suitability for an emotional support animal before giving you a recommendation letter. This process also involves further discussions about the handling of emotional support animals.

All we want is to lead you to the best ESA clinic. Go ahead and read reviews.

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Apply for an Emotional Support Animal Letter

If your licensed mental health professional recommends an emotional support animal, the next step is applying for an ESA letter. The application form is accessible online or at your therapist’s office.

It is advisable to ask your therapist to fill out the application form for you. However, they need to have a valid license. This applies to online and in-office psychotherapists. 

The following are must-have features of the ESA letter.

  • An official letterhead
  • A confirmation that you are mentally ill and an ESA recommendation from a mental health professional
  • The name of your licensed mental health professional
  • The details of your emotional support animal
  • The letter’s date of issue
  • The state where your mental health professional is licensed to operate

Wanna register your dog as an ESA? Don’t forget to read reviews about authentic ESA letter providers.ESA Reviews

Fill the Form

The next step involves filling the form provided by the licensed mental health professional. Ensure that you enter the right information about yourself, your mental health status, and the reason why an emotional support animal can help your situation. 

Some of the data you need to enter in this form include:

  • Your name
  • Physical address
  • State of residence
  • Email address
  • Your preferred emotional support animal
  • Services you intend to get from the emotional support animal.

Besides, you will have to fill a questionnaire concerning your current mental state and how long you have experienced the problem. If you are taking any medications or other therapy forms, you will need to share the information. 

Sharing false or inaccurate information reduces your chances of getting an approved emotional support animal letter. Try to be as honest as you can.

Choose Your Preferred Emotional Support Dog

After filling the form, you will have to wait for the approval. If the results are positive, it is time to choose your preferred emotional support animal. You can opt to get a new one from adoption agencies or transform an existing household pet into an emotional support animal.

Read some reviews of your favorite ESA clinic on the link below.

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Selecting the right emotional support animal can be a daunting task. It is crucial to choose an option that is easy to train, well-behaved, and, more importantly, provides you with solace and companionship when others are gone. Whatever you do, avoid going for a reptile as your emotional support dog. This is because most reptiles are either dangerous or poisonous.

Experts recommend choosing dogs over other types of pets. They are beautiful, easy to handle, and are responsive to their owner’s feelings. Even better, they are low-maintenance pets, and you can move them around conveniently. 

The Best Dog Breeds for an Emotional Support Animal

After thorough research of various dog breeds, we identified the ones listed below as the best to serve you as an emotional support animal.

  • Labrador
  • Golden Retriever
  • Chihuahua
  • Collies
  • German Shepherd
  • Corgi
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
  • Yorkshire Terrier

Another important consideration when getting an emotional support animal is its affordability. Besides the initial cost of purchasing the animal, consider other expenses like pet food, vet services, and other maintenance services.

Be smart, look deeper, and don’t forget to read reviews before you go!

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When you are diagnosed with depression and other mental illnesses, it does not mean that you have to spend the rest of your life making visits to the therapist. You can find the comfort and solace you need to ease the symptoms by acquiring an emotional support animal

These animals are special in that they are non-judgemental, attentive, responsive to your feelings, and more importantly, they are always by your side. When you treat them right, they can quicken your path to recovery.

An emotional support dog provides a lasting friendship and has a massive positive impact on your physical and mental health. They make you feel better about yourself by suppressing depressive and suicidal thoughts. Because you spend a lot of time taking care of and playing with them, you get less time to think about the things that make you sad.

Dog owners have better control over their blood pressure, which translates to reduced hypertension symptoms. Moreover, they are the ideal remedy for lonely and isolated people because they enhance your moods.

But before that why not read honest reviews about some of the best ESA clinics? Just click on the banner below.

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Emotional Support Animal ESA ESA and mental health ESA Reviews

Is Emotional Support Animal Rehabilitation Beneficial? 

If you have owned a pet or pets before, you understand that they are among the best source of company, especially when feeling unwell or down. This explains why Americans own approximately 78 million dogs and nearly 86 million cats.

Apart from providing comfort, pets play a significant role for those struggling with mental illnesses and disabilities. Emotional Support Animals are a source of emotional support with positively proven outcomes.

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What is Emotional Support Animal Rehabilitation? 

There are a lot of unknown facts surrounding Emotional Support Animal rehabilitation. To begin, Emotional Support Animal rehabilitation is the use of Emotional Support Animals to provide therapeutic benefits and alleviate symptoms of a mental and emotional disability.

Unlike service animals, Emotional Support Animals do not require much training, as they don’t need to perform specific tasks. 

These animals provide comfort and companionship, helping affected individuals alleviate some aspect of their mental disorder. They help owners accomplish major daily living activities, such as caring, sleeping, walking, working, and other daily activities.

That said, dogs are the common type of Emotional Support Animals prescribed. However, cats, miniature horses, and other animals can also be used. 

Who Qualifies for Emotional Support Animal Rehabilitation? 

An estimated 18% of adults in America live with some type of mental and emotional disability. Most of these individuals can benefit from Emotional Support Animal rehabilitation. However, the majority are not aware that they can qualify.

Qualifying for an ESA

Mental health professionals can prescribe Emotional Support Animals to those living with mental illnesses and disabilities. These include patients suffering from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism spectrum disorders, and ADHD. 

Is Emotional Support Animal Rehabilitation Effective? 

Over time, Emotional Support Animals have proven effective in helping patients with emotional disabilities improve their symptoms. These animals have been proven effective in helping patients with anxiety and depression in the following ways.

1. Improve Physical Health 

Physical wellness has a significant impact on emotional wellbeing. Conclusions from a research study done by Harvard University suggested that petting a dog can decrease blood pressure.

Dog ownership has also been connected to lowered triglyceride levels. For instance, the act of walking a dog also boosts physical activity, which leads to increased endorphin or feel-good-hormone production. This helps create a stress-free physical environment that decreases symptoms of depression.

You must read honest reviews about any ESA clinic that helped people get an ESA Letter.

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2. Uncovers Meaning and Purpose

One of the major symptoms of anxiety and depression is social detachment. Most patients feel isolated and lack purpose in life. As such, Emotional Support Animals can provide company and unconditional love to isolated patients.

Knowing that a pet relies on you for food and other provisions develops a sense of purpose, even in patients with mental conditions.

3. Healthy Companionship 

As mentioned, individuals with emotional and mental disabilities often struggle to maintain healthy relationships with other people. During such experiences, Emotional Support Animals provide a genuinely safe and loving company.

Moreover, those suffering from depression don’t need to fake a front when spending time with their animals. As they would have to when with other humans. They can be themselves all the time without feeling judged. 

Is Emotional Support Animal Rehabilitation Beneficial?

4. Improves Self Esteem 

Those struggling with depression often have issues with their self-esteem and prone to frequent episodes of anxiety. Emotional Support Animals can improve all these symptoms, improving one’s quality of life. A study done at Miami University by McConnell proved that pet owners comparably have high self-esteem and low fearful levels. This proves that Emotional Support Animal rehabilitation can help decrease depressive symptoms and improve the overall quality of life in individuals with mental illnesses. 

How Does Emotional Support Animals Provide Support?

Emotional Support Animals’ mechanism of action cannot be compared to drugs and other therapies aimed at improving mental conditions. These animals provide this support by simply being there for their owners.

They are an important source of unconditional love and companionship, which is overly important for those with mental disabilities. 

Mentally affected individuals develop a sense of responsibility and purpose by taking care of these animals. Feeding, walking, bathing, talking, and taking general care of these animals makes one feel important and valuable. Such is important for those struggling with anxiety and depression, as they might feel less of their self-worth. 

While Emotional Support Animals cannot talk back, these animals are excellent listeners. Furthermore, unlike humans, they are not judgmental and great at keeping secrets.

They provide a great place to confide in, which helps affected individuals work through their mental problems. 

ESAs also provide great support when their owners face difficult situations. For instance, they provide company to individuals who develop anxiety when traveling. They help owners feel confident in anxiety-inducing situations.

ESA will change your life. Read reviews for ESA clinics that helped people on the road to better mental health.

Bottom Line 

Emotional Support Animals can be beneficial to millions of mentally challenged persons. If you suffer from any of these conditions and think that Emotional Support Animals will help alleviate your symptoms, you can apply for an ESA prescription letter.

You can contact ESA Doctors to find the closest licensed mental health professional close to you. Just click on the link below!

Emotional Support Animal Health and News

A 13-Step Guide to Quickly Get Approval for an ESA Letter

Pets can be your best friend, provide companionship as well as emotional support when you are struggling emotionally or psychologically. The sense of comfort and well-being that pets radiate also boost your moods and make your life happier.

For people who suffer from mental health conditions like anxiety and social phobias, pets are of significant importance to their mental health. If you suffer from a mental health disorder that makes you uncomfortable in public places, for example, you tend to panic and may even fail to function well. In such times, having the company of your close friend will help you feel safe and calm, relieving you from anxiety. If you have a pet, snuggling it close or just the sheer presence of it can help you feel better.

Be smart, look deeper and don’t forget to read reviews before you go!

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Have a look at the Table of Contents


Fortunately, Emotional Support Animals (ESA) exist to make you calm and restore normalcy in your life and aid your recovery as they offer the support and companionship that you need.

If you are prone to panic attacks and anxiety, an Emotional Support Animal will help you in the following ways:

  • Calm you down.
  • Lower your stress levels and blood pressure.
  • Protect you from experiencing emotional and psychological trauma.

While pets can be a reliable company and source of support when you are distressed, you cannot take them everywhere with you. This is because most places including restaurants and shopping stores do not allow pets in their establishment, and you cannot board a plane with it when traveling.

What’s more, some landlords do not allow pets in their properties. For people who rely on their pets to feel safe and calm, and ease the symptoms of mental health disorders, these restrictions greatly affect their lifestyle. This is because they cannot carry out everyday routines without their pets. Luckily, you can bypass restrictive regulations and laws with the help of an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter.

Wanna get an ESA? Don’t forget to read reviews about authentic ESA letter providers.

It is a recommendation letter issued by a licensed healthcare professional showing that your pet or Emotional Support Animal is necessary for your mental health. This means you need to be with your Emotional Support Animal or pet at all times to help you ease the symptoms of your mental condition.

With an ESA letter, you and your Emotional Support Animal can:

  • Access places where pets are not allowed.
  • Live on properties where pets are not allowed.
  • Board planes where pets are not allowed.

Whether you plan on going for a vacation, or you want to move houses, and you cannot imagine staying away from your pet, you can apply for an ESA letter so you can spend quality time without worrying about the authorities.

Since we live in a fast-moving era, it is understandable that no one likes waiting in lines or going through long and tedious procedures to acquire an ESA letter. This helpful guide shows you simple steps to conveniently get an ESA letter. Below are the 13 hassle-free tips to help you get an approval for an ESA letter in no time.

Get ESA Letter
Easy steps for getting ESA Letter
  1. Evaluate your symptoms to establish whether or not you need an ESA.
  2. Find a licensed and qualified mental health professional.
  3. Make an appointment with your mental healthcare professional.
  4. Explain to your therapist in detail, your need for an Emotional Support Animal.
  5. Apply for an Emotional Support Animal Letter.
  6. Fill the form provided by your doctor.
  7. Conditions that make you eligible for an ESA letter
  8. Wait for the approval letter.
  9. Know how to spot a fake ESA letter.
  10. Understand the laws and regulations relating to ESA Letters.
  11. Turn your pet into an Emotional Support Animal.
  12. You can pick a new animal as your ESA.
  13. Enjoy a more quality life with your pet!

Read some reviews of your favorite ESA clinic on the link below.

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1. Evaluate Your Symptoms to Establish Whether or Not You Need an ESA

The first step to solving any problem is identifying it and acknowledging its existence. This also applies to mental and emotional health. You need to evaluate your symptoms by identifying the signs of mental health problems so you can focus on treatment and getting the necessary support to improve your wellbeing.

Don’t forget to read reviews about authentic ESA letter providers.

You can decide to perform a self-evaluation or ask your loved ones such as a family member or a close friend to do it for you. For the best results and to make evaluation easy for you, consider your past life experiences, medical history as well as your phobias. To evaluate your symptoms, answer the following questions.

  • Do you feel nervous when in public places and therefore avoid going to them?
  • Does being in public alone scare you?
  • Do you worry excessively?
  • Are you having unusually frequent nightmares?
  • Does being reminded of past events make you feel triggered?
  • Do you feel numb or emotionally detached?
  • Does your mental or emotional issues negatively affect your daily life?
  • Are your relationships affected?
  • Do you feel lonely most of the time?
  • Do you experience severe mood swings regularly?
  • Have you lost interest in activities that previously brought you joy?
  • Are you scared of traveling alone?
  • Has your sleeping cycle or routine being affected, for example sleeping more or less than usual?
  • Do you get easily distracted?

If your answer to most of the above questions is a solid YES, you could be struggling with a mental health condition and you need an emotional support animal. An ESA will ease some of your symptoms by offering you company, calming you down, and helping you live a healthy and happy life. As such, you should not only get yourself an ESA as soon as possible but also seek a therapist for your wellbeing.

Click on the button below and read reviews about an ESA clinic.

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2. Find a Licensed Mental Health Professional

After your evaluation and recognizing that you need help, you should find a licensed mental health professional to start you off on your journey to recovery. A qualified and experienced therapist will guide you towards reclaiming your mental health. When it comes to mental health, you need to find the best therapist. You can use the following approaches to help you choose the best therapist.

ESA Letter Health Benefits
ESA Letter Benefits
  • Make use of the internet and search online for the best therapist near you
  • Ask for recommendations from your family and friends on the best therapist
  • Check out reviews and customer testimonials for various therapists so you know what to expect
  • Go through the websites of various therapists to assess their profiles

Choose a therapist with the right qualifications and has experience in handling cases such as yours. Since you will be divulging personal information, you want a therapist, you are most comfortable with who is professional and still has empathy.

We strive to lead you to the best ESA clinic. Be smart, look deeper and don’t forget to read reviews before you go!

3. Make an Appointment With Your Mental Health Professional

After settling on a doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist, you should schedule an appointment immediately to begin your recovery process early. This way, you can resume your daily activities, improve the quality of your life, and become a positive contributor to society.

It is important that you choose a therapist who is readily available for the sake of convenience. You can consult with your therapist in two ways; online and face-to-face.

  • Online Consultations

Remember, online consultation is the best if you don’t feel comfortable explaining your mental issues to a doctor in person. It is also highly convenient. You only need to conduct an online search of a licensed healthcare professional who can write you an ESA recommendation letter and book an appointment on their website’s appointment page.

  • Face-to-face Consultations

If you find a certified therapist or doctor near you, you can go to their office for a face-to-face consultation. This also helps you build a personal relationship with your doctor for an in-depth assessment. During your consultation, your psychologist or mental health professional will determine whether an Emotional Support Animal is good for your mental health or not. They will also assess how much your condition affects how you function in public and recommend ways to go around it.

Click on the button below and find out which clinic is offering the best consultations.

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4. Explain to Your Therapist in Detail Your Need for an Emotional Support Animal

ESA Letter Benefits
Improve Health With an ESA Letter

When you visit your therapist, you may be required to divulge personal information concerning your mental health issues. It is important that you describe in detail your mental situation, provide all the necessary information, and explain why you need an ESA letter so your doctor can help you in the best way.

You don’t have to be uneasy about the process as your doctor is trained to uphold confidentiality and won’t disclose any of the details to anyone else. What’s more, the information you provide will come in handy when planning the best treatment approach for your quick recovery.

Based on the information you provide, your therapist will evaluate your mental situation and recommend that you get an Emotional Support Animal. Some of the important details to disclose include:

  • Your Disabilities

Inform your therapist about any disability you have that disrupts your normal life. Be open with your therapist or doctor on how you think having an ESA will help you cope with your situation. The better you explain whatever mental condition you may be struggling with, the higher your chances of being recommended an Emotional Support Animal.

All we want is to lead you to the best ESA clinic. Be smart, look deeper and read reviews

  • Share About Your Lifestyle

Go into depth about your lifestyle and your daily routines for a full analysis. You may also want to include details such as whether or not you take drugs or indulgences like smoking. No one will judge you for how you live, it is solely for the purpose of helping you recover.

  • Discuss your Mood Swings

Your mood goes a long way in diagnosing mental health. As such, you should discuss with your doctor or therapist every little change in your attitude or mood.

  • No Detail Is Too Small

Whatever changes in routine, feelings, or moods you may experience, you should inform your doctor about them. No detail is too small when it comes to dealing with mental health. Ensure that you disclose every detail that points to a mental health condition no matter how trivial you may think it is.

  • Reveal Your Fear of Public Places

Don’t forget to inform your therapist about how being in public or crowded places makes you feel. This is because most people either feel uncomfortable or alone when in public places which may even lead to anxiety or panic attacks. After revealing all the necessary information, your therapist will put you under observation and also take you through a few tests. This helps your doctor to make an informed decision based on the final results.

It will take only a few minutes, go ahead and read reviews for different ESA services providers.

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5. Apply for an Emotional Support Letter

After a successful consultation with your therapist when it has been established that you can get an Emotional Support Animal, it is time to acquire an ESA letter. This will help you live and travel with your new companion even in places where pets or animals are restricted. You can apply for an ESA letter in two ways;

  • Ask Your Personal Therapist

If your personal therapist knows that you need an Emotional Support Animal, they will write you a recommendation letter. Your therapist only has to be licensed to write you a recommendation letter.

This can be a clinical social worker, counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist, and even your doctor. What’s more, you will get all the important information about your ESA from your therapist.

  • From an Online Therapist

If you prefer an online therapist, you need to conduct your research, do your due diligence and identify a legit clinic website to apply for the letter. Go through potential websites to ensure the doctor or clinic is licensed to write you an ESA letter in your location before settling on one. With numerous scammers out to take advantage of desperate patients, ensure that the website you intend to apply for an ESA letter is a reliable source.

Also, read reviews from past clients to give you a sneak-peek of what to expect. This way, you minimize your chances of being scammed by unscrupulous online individuals who may know nothing about mental health. While not every online clinic or doctor is a fraud, be wary of those that promise unrealistic offers such as “get your ESA letter free of charge” or “get an ESA letter for cheap”.

You may end up with a fake ESA letter that will not only have wasted your time and resources but also put you at risk of running into problems with the law. Most people who land in the hands of these scammers usually don’t know they have a fake ESA letter until they present it when trying to travel or access properties that don’t allow pets. With a rise in cases of fake ESA letters, it pays to be vigilant especially when seeking it from an online source.

Click below to read reviews about authentic ESA Letter provider!

6. Fill the Form Provided by Your Doctor

After you find the perfect website or licensed healthcare professional who can get you an ESA letter, proceed to fill the form you will be provided in order to get the letter. Normally, you will be required to input the following details.

  • Your name
  • Address
  • State
  • Email
  • Your preferred ESA
  • Services you seek to get from an ESA

When you are done filling the form, you will also be required to fill a questionnaire with regard to your mental health. Since the questionnaire helps your doctor or therapist know the severity of your mental health condition, ensure you provide accurate information. Filling the form with false or inaccurate information will only jeopardize your chances of your application being approved.

Have you read honest reviews yet? If not, click on the link below.

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7. Conditions That Make You Eligible for an ESA Letter

Qualify for an ESA Lettr
Qualifying For an ESA Letter

Not everyone qualifies for an ESA letter. Some people just want to spend more time with their pets and gain access to restricted areas even when they have no mental health condition. For this reason, after you have filled the form, you have to speak to your licensed healthcare professional about why you need an ESA letter.

The nurse or doctor will ask you some questions to confirm that you genuinely need an ESA letter. This also ensures that your claims do not contradict your medical history and that you have any of the conditions that qualify you for an ESA. Some of the conditions that make you eligible for an ESA include.

During your chat with the doctor or nurse, explain clearly why you think having an ESA all the time will help you. Go into details about previous experiences that affected your mental health or triggered any of the mental health problems, and how an ESA will make your life better. When licensed healthcare professionals understand your reason for wanting an ESA, they won’t hesitate to give you an ESA letter.

Read reviews and make the best choice.

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8. Wait for the Approval Letter

When you are done with the entire process, you need to be patient for it to be approved and your ESA letter to be sent to you. Although getting an approval letter takes a short time, it may be a few days before it reaches you. You will first receive a downloadable copy by Email within 2 hours and the hardcopy comes after. Usually, the ESA letter reaches you within 3 days with some clinics sending them the next day after approval.

Since an ESA letter is usually valid for one year from the date of issuance, you will need to renew it if you want to continue enjoying the full benefits of an Emotional Support Animal. Note that not everyone qualifies for an ESA and your application may not be approved. This could be because your doctor or therapist doesn’t see the need for you to have one. If you think otherwise, you should talk to your therapist again instead of giving up. In case you qualify for one but your letter doesn’t arrive in 5 days, get in touch with your issuer for the problem to be resolved.

9. Know How to Spot a Fake ESA Letter

ESA Letter Scam Alert
ESA Letter Scams Alert

As more people get to know the benefits of Emotional Support Animals, the demand for ESA letters has increased. This has led to an increase in the presentation of fake ESA letters from fraudulent websites and healthcare professionals.

The best way to avoid the unpleasant consequences and inconveniences that come with having a fake ESA Letter is knowing how it looks like. This way, you can easily differentiate between an authentic recommendation letter and a fake one. To help you differentiate between a fake and an authentic letter, below are the contents of a legit ESA letter.

  • An official letterhead
  • The name of the licensed mental health professional
  • The name and phone number of the practice
  • Type of medical license, license number, and date of issue of the license
  • The state of the jurisdiction of the mental health professional
  • The ESA’s details
  • Date of issue of the ESA letter
  • A confirmation that you are being treated for a recognized disability and that an ESA is part of your treatment.

Have you read honest reviews yet? If not, click on the link below.

Many people have fallen for the fake advertisements online that promise to give you an ESA letter for free or cheap. This ends up with your ESA letter being rejected when you want to travel or live with your pet and puts you into legal problems as well as jeopardizing your recovery. To avoid this, do your research first before choosing a clinic, website, or doctor to get an ESA letter from.

To protect yourself from being issued with a fake letter, look out for the following details when visiting a website that claims to provide ESA letters.

Don’t wait to get scammed. Read reviews and make a wise choice.

Read Reviews

  • License

Look out for the license of whoever is writing your ESA letter and check if it is both legitimate as well as up to date. Ensure that the professional issuing your letter has the jurisdiction to write the letter in your state.

  • Credentials

As stated earlier, your letter should have the necessary credentials. These include an official letterhead, type of Emotional Support Animal, name of the animal and the certificate ID number of the ESA to be registered. If the above details are missing, the letter is fake.

  • Payment Method

To ensure the website is safe, check their payment page. The payment page should contain an “Http” address with a padlock. The address should also contain the word “secure” and the “Http” should be green in color to show that the site is safe for an online transaction. If it does not meet the three conditions, leave the site as it is unsafe and could be fraudulent. Only go for a safe, reliable, and legitimate site when seeking an ESA Letter to avoid being scammed.

Make sure you read reviews before you make a choice.

10. Understand the Laws and Regulations Relating to ESA Letters

You may be excited to travel with your Emotional Support Animal once you get an approved ESA letter. However, before you start taking your new companion everywhere it previously couldn’t access, learn, and understand the laws regarding the letter.

This way, you will understand the dos and don’ts in different situations, as well as easily engage the concerned authorities every time you need to present your ESA letter. It also helps you stand up for your rights and those of your ESA whenever you feel they are violated. Below are some of the circumstances under which the laws regarding ESA letters come into play.

  • When Boarding a Plane

If your ESA is good-mannered around strangers, well-trained, doesn’t litter or bite, and obeys orders, you don’t have to worry about being bothered during your flight. What’s more, the law allows you to be provided with reasonable accommodation to facilitate traveling with your pet if your ESA is big in size. This also applies when there is someone on the plane who is allergic to your companion.

  • During Your Stay in an Apartment

The law requires your ESA to have adequate accommodation in the apartment or property you mean to keep it. This means that with an ESA letter, your landlord is obligated to accommodate your Emotional Support Animal. You only need to ensure that it is well-behaved and can respond to basic instructions.

  • When Visiting a Cinema or Hospital

Since Emotional Support Animals are not service animals that are trained to perform certain tasks for their owners, they are not allowed in cinemas and hospitals.

Make sure you read reviews about ESA providers before you make a choice.

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11. Turn Your Pet Into an ESA

The good thing about getting an ESA is that you don’t have to get a new animal if you already have a pet that provides the support and companionship that you need. Inform your therapist about it. So it can be turned into an Emotional Support Animal through writing you a recommendation letter.

This makes it easier for you as your pet is already part of your family if you have had it for more than a month. It might prove difficult to live without it and getting another animal since you already have a connection. If you have a mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression, you may find it hard to socialize.

Most times, you will turn to your pet for comfort and companionship. As such, you need to simply get an ESA letter to make it easier for you to have your pet all the time instead of adopting a new animal. You can seek guidance from your doctor or therapist on how to handle your pet so that you can enjoy the ultimate benefits when it comes to helping you in your recovery journey.

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12. You Can Pick a New Animal as Your ESA

ESA vs Pet
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If you don’t already have a pet to turn into an ESA, you can always find a new companion and begin bonding with it. Your consultant can point you towards where you can get an Emotional Support Animal of your choice so you can begin your journey towards recovery.

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Common Emotional Support Animals

Below are the most popular animals that make great ESAs:

  • Cats

Cats make excellent ESAs as they are intelligent, playful, and quite cuddly. They also don’t require you to shower them with lots of attention as they are sometimes considered distant. In fact, reports show that the simple act of watching your cat play can greatly boost your happiness and productivity.

  • Dogs

Dogs are the most demanded animals when it comes to pets and Emotional Support Animals. They are loyal and provide great company to their owners. Since dogs are capable of sensing and recording sensitive information from you, they can use the information to help you feel better when you are in distress. They also make excellent service animals too and are easily trained!

  • Miniature Horses

Although miniature horses are loyal and playful, they also crave attention and require lots of care. With its long lifespan, a horse can provide you with support and companionship for up to 25 years or more.

Be smart, look deeper and don’t forget to read reviews before you go!

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  • Hamsters

Hamsters are cute, furry, and very affordable to keep as they only need very little space for accommodation. The fact that they are tiny means you can carry them everywhere.

  • Birds

If you fancy a bird as your Emotional Support Animal, the best choice would be a talking parrot. Not only can talking parrots mimic how you talk, but they are also intelligent and can keep you highly entertained and happy.

  • Rabbits

Just like hamsters, rabbits only require a small space in your home for accommodation and are not high-maintenance. Their quiet and loving nature makes them great ESAs for when you need to calm down. Since rabbits are also playful, they will keep you active and entertained, improving your mood in the process.

13. Enjoy a More Quality Life With Your Pet!

ESA Letter Benefits
Benefits of ESA Letter

Once you go through all the steps and get an ESA letter, nothing can stop you from living your best life with your Emotional Support Animal. You can attend parties, travel, go for walks and go about your daily routine with your companion without worrying about your pet being barred. The more you spend time with your ESA, the better your mental health will get. With an Emotional Support Animal, you can handle uncomfortable situations better, be assured of a loyal companion, and live a healthier happier life!

Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal Letter

Possessing an ESA letter gives you protection under the Air Carrier Access Act and the Fair Housing Act. It also comes with a number of perks that will make your life easier, healthier and more fulfilling.

a. You Can Travel Freely With Your ESA

If you get anxiety and panic attacks when flying alone, an ESA letter is a lifesaver. You can freely board a plane with your Emotional Support Animal to help calm your fears and make traveling less lonely and scary. As long as your pet doesn’t disrupt anything and behaves well, you will enjoy traveling without being bothered by your mental health condition.

b. It Allows You to Live With Your ESA in Restricted Properties

In properties with stringent no-pet policies, an ESA letter means your landlord cannot bar you from living with your Emotional Support Animal. What’s more, your landlord has the responsibility to ensure that your ESA has a place to stay according to the law.

c.  It Allows You to Shop With Your ESA

Supermarkets have a lot of traffic and if you suffer from social anxiety, it can be challenging going shopping. It doesn’t help that they don’t allow pets into the establishment. Luckily, an ESA letter enables you to go shopping with your companion so you don’t have to deal with the symptoms that cope with anxiety in a public place. However, the shop owner has to provide his/her approval.

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d. Loneliness Becomes a Thing of the Past

If you tend to distance yourself because of a mental health disorder and constantly suffer the feelings of loneliness, an Emotional Support Animal will provide you with companionship. If you have an ESA letter, you will never be alone. As you can take it to most of the restricted places without being obstructed by the law.

e. It Facilitates Your Treatment

Normally, you will be recommended an ESA as part of your treatment plan if you suffer from mental health disorders. This is because they help in relieving symptoms of mental health issues by providing support, companionship, comfort, and improving your mood.

An ESA can even help you sleep better and motivate you to live a more active, productive, and healthy life. Since an ESA letter allows you more time with your pet, your treatment becomes more efficient, leading to a quick recovery.

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Emotional Support Animals give you a sense of protection and comfort if you suffer from mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, mood disorder, PTSD, and even phobias. With a legal ESA letter from a licensed healthcare professional, you can travel or live with your ESA, even in places where pets are not allowed. Consider the above hassle-free steps and acquire an ESA letter so you can fully enjoy the positive impact of your pet on your mental health.

We strive to lead you to the best ESA clinic. Be smart, look deeper and don’t forget to read reviews before you go!