describes itself as a website that helps customers to acquire a certified emotional support animal (ESA) letter. Here is an in-depth review of what the website has to offer, and what you can expect when you engage their services to obtain an ESA letter. You can physically visit them on 347 5th Ave Suite 1402-112, New York, NY 10016, Monday – Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM or engage them through their number +1 833 976 0637. You can also book an appointment through their website. points out the many benefits that you can look forward to as an ESA owner if you have a valid and up-to-date ESA letter. With proper documentation, you will be able to live where you choose, even in properties that have a no-pet policy. Additionally, the landlord, by law, cannot ask you to pay a little extra on your rent for your pet accommodation. Your ESA letter is all the documentation your landlord will need, and they cannot ask you to disclose any details of the mental disability for which you need an emotional support animal. All these rights are enshrined in the Fair Housing Act (FHA.)
Again, describes the benefits of having an ESA letter when traveling by air with your animal. Your emotional support animal can stay in the airplane cabin with you, at no extra cost for the accommodation, in accordance with the provisions of the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA.)

The website offers several service packages from which you can choose one that best suits your needs and budget. A full package covers an online consultation with a physician, 2 ESA letters for travel and housing, unlimited access to customer support, including any phone verifications needed, and lastly, a discounted renewal price for when your ESA letter expires. The basic plan covers an online consultation with a licensed mental health professional and one ESA letter for housing or travel, as you will choose.
It is also worth noting that the price quoted on the website for the various packages are quite budget-friendly. A comparison with similar websites reveals that offers some of the best prices for ESA letters. also puts emphasis on the fact that all their doctors, therapists, and other mental health professionals are real and licensed. It goes ahead to provide its permit number, as issued by the Medical Board of California. The clinic also lists its physical address. This does a lot to lend credence to it being a genuine website for providing ESA letters in a niche that has sadly been infiltrated by unscrupulous players who promise but do not deliver ESA letters.

Still on the apparent legitimacy of is the fact that the site makes no claims about helping to add your ESA to a registry. As it is, this is one of the easiest tests to establish whether or not a website is legitimate, in that there exists no registry or database for emotional support animals, and any website that claims to help with listing your animal in such a registry is fake. maintains that its service stops at issuing valid ESA letters.

The design and layout of the website are quite simple and responsive. You should have no difficulty navigating the website, whether you are looking through their various pages, finding specific information, or booking your appointment with one of their licensed medicals. is designed to deliver the best user experience, and this highly intuitive and responsive design ensures that you will not spend any more than a few minutes filling out your information and booking an appointment.

The very process itself is also quite simple. promises to get you an ESA letter in 3 steps. All you have to do is choose your plan and pay for it. The website guarantees that its payment gateways are secure, and you need not worry about the security of your credit card details and other information that you fill for the payment processing. Next is filling out the provided questionnaire and booking your appointment with a doctor. The drop-down menus make this step much easier and less time-consuming. Lastly, speak to a licensed mental health professional. The website promises same-day delivery of your ESA letter in your email once it is signed. Everything is done seamlessly online, which is a great time saver.

On the website are some encouraging and positive reviews from clients who have used’s ESA letter service. For all the positive highlights that the website may make about itself, there is no better testament to what you can expect than reviews from clients. A search online returned no complaints about the website being fake or clients complaining of poor customer service, delays, or any other such issues. It would seem that is the real deal, and there are legitimate previous clients who will say as much. It certainly makes ready to start with the process, with the confidence that yours will be as positive an experience as the experiences described by previous clients.

EZCare Clinic

EZCare Clinic is a walk-in clinic that offers services to help patients with sexual dysfunction, ADHD, and other ailments. One of their key services is offering an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter. You can avail their  ESA services online by clicking on  You can contact the team at (415) 966-0848 San Francisco, CA. They are readily available to answer any queries via email: outlines some of the key benefits of having the letter, such as;

  • You do not pay extra for your pet on the flight.
  • The ESA dog can sit with you on the flight instead of staying with other pets.
  • The landlord cannot; charge extra for the pet, demand a pet deposit, access your medical records, or reject you because you have an ESA pet.
  • You can stay with your pet in the hostel. claims to have affordable prices for its customers. On their site, they encourage customers to tell them if they have heard of a better deal than what they have. In summary, they do price matching, but they insist that they do that with legitimate service providers only. Another key thing to note is that they purport to give your money back if you do not qualify to get the ESA letter. 

They denote some of the qualifying conditions on their websites. The conditions are;

  • Eating disorders
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Post-traumatic disorder (PTSD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression

The site denotes that many other disorders may qualify, and you should not hesitate to book an appointment. also says it offers the letters for other pets, not only dogs. The site claims that you can get an ESA letter for no extra charge. It is stressed that not everyone can have a dog for emotional support as others prefer a cat or even a parrot. The site insists that the letter’s purpose is to help people with mental problems necessitating the need to talk to a qualified doctor.

One of the key things cited on the site repeatedly is the issue of legitimacy. They warn the customers of illegitimate sites that you may find on numerous advertisements. There are scams on the internet, and you may get a fake ESA letter.

The issue of legitimacy

There are no red flags on the site, and there is no reason to think that is illegitimate. The first factor to back this claim is that they warn about illegitimacy. The website further proves its legitimacy by outlining that it has qualified doctors who have a medical board license. show a sample of their letter. It shows that they are transparent and do not have anything to hide. In the letter, they include the medical license board number and the contact details at the bottom.

Something that is comforting is that shares their location and contact details. Customers who have reviewed the site state that they can confirm the legitimacy of the site. The customers also state they conversed with a doctor before being issued the letter.

Customer care service

The customer care service is excellent. They have a live chat, where for any inquiry you may have, you will get an answer within minutes. You can also call the customer service team or send an email. The customers also attest to this and claim that the customer service team were polite, easy to work with, and friendly.

Reviews has got awesome reviews from the customers. All customers claim that the service was satisfactory and legitimate. The key services they enjoy are;

  • Speaking to a caring and listening doctor
  • Having an excellent customer care
  • Quick delivery of the ESA letter (within minutes)
  • The legitimacy of the EZCare Clinic

We can also learn from the patients that you can communicate with the doctor using the FaceTime App. We can also gather from the reviews that the doctors are professional and engage with the patients quite well. Dr. Stacie Daniels is the doctor who seems to be getting numerous positive reviews from the patients.

On the issue of the refund of money, many reviews state that their money is refunded. In cases where the patients have complained of non-refund of the money, the EZCare Clinic team have replied to the review, offering a solution to the case and apologizing for any inconvenience caused. 

Key Takeaway

The only verdict drawn from this review is that EZCare Clinic is a provider that you can trust to obtain an ESA letter. Getting an ESA letter that is legitimate can be hard as many people fall for scams, but has proven to be an exception. does offer not only legitimacy but also excellent customer care service, excellent interactions with the doctors, and delivery of the letters in good time. Their reviews from the patients confirm all these things. 

There are no red flags from the site; everything is as it is supposed to be, and the information they provide is accurate. If you want an ESA letter, we can confidently direct you to

Mango Clinic

Mango Clinic Service is an esteemed health entity whose impressive medical services extend to registration for emotional support animals (ESA). This entity empathizes with the fact that you need to be at your best no matter where you are, and if you need your pet at your side to make you feel well, Mango Clinic comes in handy to help you. They help you to effortlessly and flawlessly acquire your ESA letter so you can bring along your little friend wherever and whenever you want. Mango clinic helps your bid to acquire an ESA letter in the following ways:

Availability and Accessibility

Mango clinic ESA services are within your reach if you are in Florida and neighboring areas. You can physically visit them on 434 SW 12Th Ave #205, Miami, 33130 between 10 am, and 6 pm and between 8 am and 4.30 pm on Saturdays or engage them through their number (888) 578-6704. You can also book an appointment through their impressively user-interactive website,, or write them an email at and they will respond accordingly.


Mango Clinic is arguably one of the most affordable health services providers in Florida. They offer several ESA packages that you can choose from according to the depth of your pockets. Even better, their prices are negotiable; if you have valid claims of better deals elsewhere, they will always come down to meet your budget. Their packages are as follows:

  • Emotional Support Animal Letter full package; this includes a consultation with a professional licensed MD plus all the relevant documentation with one year support at the cost of $ 189.
  • ESA basic package; this package includes an appointment with a professional mental health specialist, the ESA letter, and online and phone customer support and verifications at $ 149.
  • ESA renewal package; includes everything covered in the basic package plus any additional documentation that you may need, such as housing forms and airline forms, among others. It costs about $ 99.

These packages are quite affordable and even better; the clinic allows you to use your most convenient payment plan to clear your fees. They stress that money does not have to be the reason you do not live a happy life on account of missing your ESA letter. 


They Help you Reap the Full Benefits

According to Mango clinic, ESA registration comes along with outstanding benefits that include the following:

  • It ensures you travel anxiety-free with your precious emotional support animal.
  • With some airlines, your pet gets a free ticket to keep you happy.
  • You get to share your seat with your pet when traveling.
  • You do not have to pay a pet deposit when you rent a house.
  • Your landlord will not bother you about your emotional support animal.
  • It is valid for up to one year.

This clinic further expounds on how an ESA letter helps individuals with any form of mental disorder that may require animal support. It covers individuals with the following disorders:

  • Mood disorders
  • Depression
  • Anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders
  • Separation anxiety, social anxiety disorder, and other types of anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sleep-related disorders
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Their team of professionals works with the relevant health agencies to ensure to promptly receive your ESA letter so you can go about your businesses without a hitch. You can happily live and travel with your support animal at your own convenience. Your Mango clinic-issued ESA letter covers a wide variety of pets, some of which include dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits, guinea reptiles, exotic pets such as iguanas, pot-bellied pigs, chinchillas, birds, monkeys, or ferrets.


CertaPet is a website that gives customers the opportunity to carry out a free emotional support animal (ESA) assessment to get information about potential qualification for a letter. The website says an ESA helps people sleep better, gain confidence, reduce anxiety, boost self-esteem, and live life in an un-interrupted fashion.
The website says an approved and legitimate ESA letter would help people avoid unfair travel and housing fees, avoid restrictions on apartment rentals with pets, and get rid of hassle while traveling since their ESA would be able to get on a plane with them. 

According to the website, customers just have to follow a three-step process to receive an ESA letter. First, people must fill out an online questionnaire that takes about five minutes. Next, people are prompted to select different therapy and letter services that apply to their situation. After, customers are connected with a licensed therapist who will purportedly speak with them to get a sense about why they are interested in a therapy pet or ESA. Finally, approved letters will be shipped out within 24-hours. 

There’s not a lot of information on, and this should raise some questions about the services offered. There’s no indication on the website that a customer will actually speak in person or via teleconference with a licensed medical professional, a required part of the legitimate ESA letter process. A real ESA letter website offers concrete and extensive details about the expectations when a customer actually sits down with a medical professional to discuss different options.

Additionally, there’s no details on the website about the qualifications or background of the medical professionals. They must be licensed, and people must receive a letter from a medical professional who is in the same state they are living in. 

The lack of concrete information on about the work background and location of the medical professionals should raise red flags about their legitimacy. An ESA letter signed by an out-of-state doctor will not be accepted as valid. All the website says is that the licensed therapist will list their license number and credentials on the letter, but there’s no indication about the qualifications of the therapist, their work locations, or how customers can get in contact with the medical professional and verify credentials. Legitimate ESA letters clearly spell out the contact information and location of the signing medical professional so anyone is able to get in contact with them in case they are any questions or concerns that need to be cleared up. 

There’s a lack of information about pricing for ESA letters. Letters that can be obtained for an extremely low price should be deemed suspect, because real ESA letter websites will charge enough in order to pay for the work by legitimate medical professionals who actually take time to speak with prospective ESA letter holders. 

All says is people have the opportunity to select different services and letters for “travel or housing situations.” This should raise questions since a real ESA letter is valid and accepted by both landlords and airlines. There’s no need to purchase two letters for different situations. According to the website, a housing or travel letter costs $149.99 each, while the combined package comes in at just under $200. 

Customers who visit have no opportunity to reach out to the company with questions or any issues. There’s not a listed physical address, and there’s no indication the listed phone number and email address is manned by a responsive staffer. The lack of basic contact information should raise questions, especially since the lack of a physical address sometimes signifies that a company is not actually working with legitimate and licensed medical professionals – since they need a location to work from. 

With shipping, promises that a priority deliver method will make sure the letter gets moved up higher in the queue of the therapist. However, there’s no indication this process means the approval procedures will be properly followed out – as some might believe the excessive speed in exchange for money might cause some to cut corners and not properly follow all of the required ESA letter procedures.
In the same line on the website, there’s no mention the therapist takes times to reach out to the customer before taking “the necessary steps to construct your letter.” This is a required part of the ESA letter process, and not doing so renders an ESA letter as illegitimate. All of the above factors should raise questions and concerns about and the purported services they claim to offer customers seeking an ESA letter.

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Your browser does not support images upload. Please choose a modern one says customers can secure an emotional support animal (ESA) letter via same-day delivery without having to pay any additional fees. The website says they work with more than 300 licensed mental health professionals across every state, with a listed business address in Fort Myers Florida. also lists a phone number and email for customers to reach out to. The website claims more than 50,000 people have used their services to secure an ESA letter.

According to, customers just have to follow a simple process to become approved for a letter. Pre-qualification for an ESA letter is free after taking a five-minute survey. According to the survey, letters are valid for travel on a number of airlines. After the survey, customers are asked to select an ESA letter plan and then fill out payment information. says money is refunded to customers if the letter is not approved. However, says customers have the option of choosing a travel or housing ESA letter, or can opt to buy a combination package. Legitimate ESA letters are able to be used for both air travel and for landlords, which means purchasing two different letters is not necessary.

After selecting a plan, says one of their licensed health professionals will review the information, and then might follow up with any additional questions before issuing a letter. After, the ESA letter will be issued for air travel and for rent. The website does not go into any details about the qualifications of the medical professionals and does not make a note that a customer in a specific state will also work with a healthcare professional in the same state.

Legitimate ESA letter services also ask customers to speak with a healthcare professional either in-person, or online, before receiving a prescription for a letter. In contrast, just makes a note that the healthcare professional will merely review the questionnaire and does not specifically note the doctor will actually speak with the customer.

On another part of the website, there is a note that customers would be able to set up an appointment to actually speak with a therapist, but there is no additional information about this process or how a customer would actually schedule a time to talk. This contrasting information raises questions and suspicions about the actual procedures carries out when it works with people.

Pricing plans for services include a $99-dollar combination housing and travel ESA letter. This price point is seemingly too low for a legitimate ESA letter operation, as higher prices are required to pay for the work carried out by experienced and professional healthcare professionals who have the right credentials and background to actually work with customers who are interested in an ESA letter.

The website says customers will have support 24/7 and also will find their letter sent via same-day delivery. does not make any reference to the duration of the letter.

Legitimate ESA letters must be renewed on a yearly basis, but there is no clause on the website that describes how long the letter is valid for or indicates to customers than an ESA letter is not just a ‘one-time purchase’ that is valid forever. Aside from offering ESA letters, the website also sells various pet-related and ESA accessories, but does not make any note that these items are not actually required as part of the ESA letter process.

A number of BBB reviews for seemingly point out issues. Some customers note the letters were actually signed by a social worker, and not a PhD or psychiatrist. Others claim the website just takes people’s money without providing any sort of legitimate letter that would actually be approved by an airline or by a landlord. Attempts by some customers to try and secure a refund have been met with various issues, potentially leading some customers to try and file charges to receive their money back, according to some reviews.

The address listed on the is not able to be verified, which should raise some red flags. Licensed and legitimate healthcare professionals need to work from a physical address, and the lack of concrete details about the location of the operation raises questions about the staff and personnel associated with the website.

There is also no indication the website’s email and phone number are valid, as some customer reviews point out how they have not been able to actually reach out to staffers to get their questions answered or to secure a refund, even though the website does claim a money back guaranteed policy. There are very few additional details about this option for customers who are not happy with their purchase.

The National Service Animal Registry (NSARCO) claims it has a roster of customer support specialists who are able to register animals as service, emotional support animals, or therapy animals. According to the website, every specialist affiliated with the National Service Animal Registry has a comprehensive understanding of the laws and regulations that affects support and ESAs, and are able to work with customers on helping them get a sense about legal protections. National Service Animal Registry says people can speak with agents on live chat, call in, and search through a database of information in order to learn more about ESAs, therapy dogs, and service animals.

The National Service Animal Registry offers ESA registration kits in three different price points. The cheapest plan, at $54, includes free lifetime registration, inclusion in a service dog database, and free certificates, ID cards, and leash clips. The next plan, at $114, includes all of the items in the $54 plan, with the inclusion of an ESA vest, foldable information cards, and digital copies of supporting documents.

Finally, the most expensive plan, at $154, comes with a large number of foldable ESA information cards, and an ESA leash, collar, and personalized ID tag, along with all of the items seen in the first two ESA plans. The National Service Animal Registry says shipping is free on all kits at the $99 price point and above.

While the National Service Animal Registry lists a robust set of options for its ESA registration packages, there is no current approved and legitimate ESA registration database currently available, this throws the claims and premise of the entire organization in question. Rather, the proper process for an ESA letter includes speaking with a qualified mental health professional who would write a prescription for an ESA letter. The National Service Animal Registry lists no information about medical health professionals they work with and does not provide any sort of details about how customers can carry out this process. The lack of information in this realm casts a suspicious glance on the entire website.

The National Service Animal Registry says that people looking to fly with their ESAs need a letter from a licensed therapist or medical doctor, along with an ID card, and recommended ESA service vests and photo ID card for the dog. However, the National Service Animal Registry re-directs customers to an outside website to obtain “a legitimate prescription letter” for an ESA. Questions remain about the legitimacy of the outside website and the National Service Animal Registry’s relationship with them. The outside company, Chilhowee Psychological Services, has the same listed mailing address as the National Service Animal Registry. Additionally, the same staffers appear to run both companies, as the about pages feature stock photos and the same CEO. Staff biographical listings are vague, and the photo of the CEO seemingly appears doctored when compared to other similar photos on the internet. Companies that are a legitimate operation tend to have detailed biographies of employees and display different and individual photographs of select employees on the website.

Additionally, the National Service Animal Registry lists a wide variety of ESA-related options and accessories for a dog in conjunction with the registration service and information. None of the products listed are actually required, as long as a person has a valid and legitimate ESA letter. Letters advertised on the website say they last for a lifetime, but legitimate ESA letters need to be renewed on a yearly basis. Even though the National Service Animal Registry claims customer’s dogs will also be registered in the National Online Service Dog Database, no such repository for dogs currently exists yet.

The National Service Animal Registry also makes strong claims about the benefits of registration in ‘legitimizing’ an ESA letter, even though ESA registration is not currently accepted practice. Registration does not make an animal look more official, and the National Service Animal Registry has vague language about the voluntary nature of registration, even though the different package options list it as part of the options.

The National Service Animal Registry gained prominence after a local news outlet, FOX31 in Denver, studied the service as part of an investigation into ESA websites. According to the report, those who worked with the National Service Animal Registry on securing an ESA letter for a cat only spoke with one person for less than 15 minutes, and the person was not the same medical professional as the one who signed the letter. Additionally, when reporters tried to visit the physical address of the National Service Animal Registry, they allegedly just found people answering the phone with boxes of supplies and did not see any doctors or medical staff. welcomes customers with a promise that their simple process will help people qualify for an emotional support animal (ESA) in a quick manner. The website says it is a leading provider of ESA prescriptions and official documentation so people can live with their pet anywhere, not have to pay any more security deposits or pet rents, fly with their pet in an airplane cabin, and not have to fork over money for airline fees.
According to the website, letters are available for same-day rush shipping options, and the choice of receiving an emailed PDF letter 24/7. also promises free 24/7 ESA verification and registration. However, there is no currently approved ESA letter registration database, making the options that describes as not a valid business offering. Additionally, ESA letters can be verified without having to go back to the issuing company. The medical professionals who sign a legitimate ESA letter are required to include their contact information if any questions do arise. describes a short process for obtaining an ESA letter. First, customers are asked to fill out an online questionnaire to share information about their pet and needs for an ESA. Next, customers are purportedly contacted by a mental health professional who then will review the questionnaire. If approved, the letter will be sent by email, according to The website does not provide any information about the credentials of the healthcare professional. All ESA letter prescriptions must be made by a healthcare professional that is licensed in the same state the customer is living in. says it is the work of a group of animal lovers that are trying to increase awareness about the Fair Housing Act and attempts to help connect people with the right healthcare professionals. The website does not have any references about staff experience, especially in the healthcare sector.

Prices for an ESA letter, according to are $90 for a housing and travel letter. The website argues they remain one of the cheapest ESA letter providers. While a cheap ESA letter can seem enticing, legitimate ESA letter operations often charge more money in order to hire and pay experienced and qualified medical professionals to review questionnaires and actually speak with patients who are interested in an ESA letter. As a result, websites that advertise low prices for services related with ESAs should be seen as suspicious, since it casts the quality of the medical professionals used into doubt. does not have any information about a physical address or email. The only way to contact staff is through a contact form. A phone number is listed, but reviews have said it just goes to voicemail, which suggests the operation is lightly staffed, or not really managed by anyone at all.

The lack of a physical address and phone number should be regarded as extremely suspicious, as it casts doubt about the location of the ‘team’ behind the website and the legitimacy of the operation – especially as they claim they provide ESA letters “written by psychologists.” ESA letters need to be signed by a medical professional in the same state that the customer lives in, and one signed by a professional in a different state will not be seen as valid. A physical location is necessary to offer valid ESA letters since licensed medical professionals need a location to work from.

The fact that offers travel and housing ESA letters should cause customers to view them as an illegitimate operation. True ESA letters are adequate for both travel and housing, and there is no need to get one of each letter in order to travel with an ESA and not have to pay any additional fees. Websites and operations that try and force customers to purchase two separate letters should be seen as businesses who are just trying to extract extra money from customers without providing a legitimate service.

Additionally, questions remain about the strategy seen at for actually helping customers receive ESA letters. With a legitimate ESA service, customers pay for a consultation with a properly licensed doctor who then will issue a prescription for a letter if they approve a patient. Consultations are done via video-chat or in person, and the healthcare professional’s information should be clearly displayed on the website.

Hiding the identity of a professional might been regarded as carrying out an unlicensed practice.’s process of having customers purchase an ESA digital letter does not seem to match up with the approved and legitimate process of first securing an ESA letter perscription after speaking with a healthcare professional. says it offers registration for emotional support animals (ESA). The website claims the benefits of registration include the ability to fly with your ESA and live in pet-free housing with the same animal. explains how people with depression and mental health issues, who have autism or Asperger’s, who suffer from PTSD, and veterans of the military utilize the ESA registry.

According to, they have teamed up with a variety of mental health professionals to help with all issues related to ESAs, and to provide ESA letters so people can travel and live with their animals.

Aside from the ability to purportedly register an ESA, the website offers a number of related supplies, including an ESA VIP Kit. This kit comes with a registration listing, free IDs for life, an ESA vest with free embroidery, and access to mini IDs and a paperless certificate. The price of this package is $149.00, while the ‘Ultimate’ kit is listed at $69.95. The latter kit just comes with IDs, registration listing, a harness, and a downloadable ESA certificate once payment is made. The cheapest package, listed for $54.95, comes with one ID, registration listing, and a paperless certificate.

The website has an extensive FAQ section and other information, but a quick search reveals a number of issues about the entire operation. There is no listing on the website for an address, phone number, or email contact for the company, which casts the site’s legitimacy in doubt. Additionally, there is no current ESA registration platform in the United States that is recognized as legitimate – making the offerings from to register pets as seemingly not valid.

While the website does discuss a network of mental health professionals, it does not provide any details about who they are or that a customer would be able to speak with one while getting an ESA letter. Speaking with a qualified healthcare professional is an integral part of the ESA letter approval, process, and healthcare professionals are required to share their contact information and credentials when necessary, makes no references for the qualifications of their team of healthcare professionals, or that a customer would be able to get in contact with one if needed.

Additionally, does not make any offer on their website for a physical certificate. Instead, it asks customers to pay an extra $75 dollars if a landlord calls for a ‘reasonable accommodation form.’ This process is not the correct method for an ESA letter, as a legitimate letter will be valid for both a landlord and for an airline. Additional documentation is not required.

A number of BBB reviews cast a negative light on Customers have received letters that do not correspond with the state they live in. ESA letters for renters are required to be from a licensed healthcare professional from the same state. An out-of-state letter is illegitimate, despite any other information that might try to pass on.

Other reviews assert the doctors that are signing the letter are actually not legitimate, and that no airline or landlord would ever accept a letter from Orders that have been successfully made, according to some consumers, have faced significant delays in shipping and processing that far exceed the promises made on the website. Products like the IDs have been said to be poor quality, with bad printing and poor photography that makes it very difficult to see a dog’s face.

Attempts to speak with customer service agents from have been a challenge according to some, who write about an unprofessional nature and attempts to blame the customer for errors and mistakes with products from The website does provide details about a return policy for certain products, but does not appear to offer an ironclad money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

Rather, the website asserts it is just able to replace issued ESA certificates, and not actually replace the items. The vague customer return and satisfaction policy suggest is interested in just trying to collect money without any intention of providing a legitimate product.

Other customers write about attempts by to convince people that they are an official and recognized ESA registration platform, even though one does not currently exist that is legitimate.

The website does have social media links to Facebook and Google Plus, but there is very little reason to believe the accounts are active and are used to respond to customer questions and complaints in a legitimate and expedient manner. Others hint that any positive reviews of are planted and faked to try and place a positive spin on the enterprise. does have a robust privacy policy about the usage and sharing of customer information and data. touts itself as a leading all-in-one solution for the approval of emotional support animals (ESA). The website explains how their work has been featured in Modern Dog and Modern Cat Magazine and has already assisted more than 50,000 people with affiliated services.

According to, an on-staff full-time clinical psychologist reviews all questionnaire forms for an ESA letter. Approved customers in the United States will receive their letter and other documentation via email. The website explains how an ESA letter will help customers travel with their support animals without having to pay extra fees, and secure approval to rent properties without having to pay a pet deposit. describes a three-step qualification process for an ESA letter. First, customers have the option to choose from three different payment plans, and a number of same-day delivery options, based on an individual’s budget and need. Housing and airline ESA letters cost $49 each, while both air travel and housing ESA letters can be purchased together for $30 each.

The website also offers a payment plan where customers can pay $9.99 a month for three months (a significant upcharge from the standard letter plan prices). According to, the letters are written by an in-state licensed therapist and are able to be used to keep pets in ‘no pet policy’ apartments, along with waiving any per security deposits. Letters come in either a hardcopy or emailed PDF option, according to The website says the letters are compliant with the Air Carrier Access Act and the HUD Fair Housing Act as legitimate documentation for emotional support animals.

After payment is made, customers will take a free qualification test in order to see if they are eligible for an ESA letter. says the exam is quick and easy to complete. Next, customers are purportedly matched with an in-state therapist who reaches out to the customer. says the matches are made based on the answers given in the evaluation test. Finally, asserts all information is protected by law and promises that the letters protect the recipients. is clear to note that the website does not offer any sort of medical advice, and lists a number, email address for contact, and an address in Elm Grove, WI. The website also links to several social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Blog posts about the effectiveness of dogs and cats as emotional support animals and stress relievers are listed, but posts appear to stop after late October 2018.

Despite the robust offerings on the website and a variety of ESA animal information, has been the recipient of several negative reviews that casts the entire operation in a negative light. Reviewers have claimed they took customer money without actually sending over any letters or documentation in return,

Additionally, others have claimed the phone number and other contact avenues listed are not active, leading to trouble with trying to get information about orders that have not actually arrived. According to other Yelp reviews, has not been responsive to requests for refunds.

There are a couple of other issues with that cast the business in doubt. The website claims to offer both air and apartment ESA letters, when a true ESA letter is able to be used for both situations. The low cost of the letter seems enticing, but most likely indicates the operation does not actually have a licensed medical professional who actually takes time to interview and speak with each prospective patient for qualification purposes. A legitimate operation charges enough money to ensure a high-quality medical professional can be retained.

Information about the physical address is not able to be verified, according to some reviews. There’s also questions about the actual process of working with a medical professional. A legitimate ESA letter operation will have patients speaking to a licensed healthcare professional. At, one part of the website notes that a full-time licensed psychologist reviews all of the submitted questionnaires.

Elsewhere, it asserts applications are matched with a therapist based on the answers. The inconsistences in these answers seemingly raises red flags about the legitimacy of the operation. A true ESA letter service will have customers speaking with a licensed doctor and then receiving a prescription, not buying a letter.

The name of the healthcare professional should be able to be researched through the state’s Medical Board website. A search of on the appropriate Medical Board website does not turn up much information, which means there is seemingly not any medical professionals associated with the website that are properly verified.

OSFRD describes itself as a website that helps customers acquire documents for a service dog, emotional support animal, (ESA), or official therapy dog. makes a point to say that a person with the proper documentation for their emotional support animal should not be charged by a landlord for a pet or rent deposit, and notes that landlords are not allowed to ask about a person’s disability or request any sort of detailed medical records from a person who is asking for a fee waiver due to an emotional support animal. Additionally, writes how the Air Carrier Access Act permits emotional support animals on airplanes, as long as the passenger has a proper written notice that is not older than one year.

The website purportedly offers a variety of benefits and registration options for service dogs, emotional support animals, and therapy dogs. Options on include the purchase of an emotional support animal vest or custom nametags. Additionally, the website touts free registration letters and housing certificates – delivered instantly, and a variety of example cards for emotional support animals, official service dogs, and therapy support dogs for both the United States and Canada. explains how various laws and federal regulations protect people who have a legitimate service dog or ESA. It also claims that customized dog identification badges and cards can make it easier to travel with the animal and give a sense of legitimacy that the dog is actually being used for a valid reason (service to a person with a disability). suggests that landlords and business owners sometimes request to see specific types of registration paperwork and other identification beyond a simple letter.

However, there are a number of red flags for Despite the wide array of options and information, the website funnels customers into filling out a brief online form to gain instant access to a permanent registration number, digital ID cards, and other important documents. says the issuance of physical items is purely optional. only offers a registration option for different types of animals. There is no current legitimate registry for emotional support animals – making any website claiming to do so as fraudulent. Legitimate ESA letter websites do not offer to registry an animal. Instead, they simply issue valid ESA letters signed by a legitimate medical professional so customers are able to keep their support animal by their side at all times. does not have any address listing or any identifying information about the company or organization. Most of the links are outbound to other websites.

For the ESA letter service, the website makes no claims customers will speak with a licensed medical professional before securing the letter.

A number of online reviews have questioned the legitimacy of and have cast doubt on what the website claims to offer. Customers have pointed out a variety of incorrect information on the website – including notifying airlines 24 hours in advance before bringing an emotional support animal. In reality, those with an ESA need to notify the airline and start sending documentation over a few days before the flight takes off.

Other customers noted how re-routes to a different website that charges a person’s card. Attempts to contact the website in order to get a refund were not possible, or eventually met with a response after a long delay.

Customers have also complained that products sent from are not high quality or were not the proper item. For example, one BBB review notes how a registration card sent by the website was not well-made, as the ink melted away after a week of use. The same customer ordered a vest, but sent the wrong style of the item. When the customer attempted to start the return process, allegedly ignored any inquires for a refund by the credit card company. According to the review, the customer was forced to cancel the credit card dispute so they did not have to mess with the collections process and an additional fee. makes no reference on their website to the qualifications and credentials for the licensed medical professionals they claim are working with customers and signing letters. Other information listed on the website has been identified as incorrect or even fraudulent.

According to reviews, customer service for is spotty at best, and hostile at its worse, with numerous people explaining how they had a drawn-out process to try and reverse charges and get money returned to their account after realizing some of the services provides were not as described. Additional information on the website is vague and seemingly casts doubt about the entire operation of