CertaPet claims to be the # 1 Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter. The website says that it is fully compliant with all state and federal regulations, and provides clients with a fast and easy way to secure their ESA letter.


OfficialServiceDogRegistry.com describes itself as a website that helps customers acquire documents for a service dog, emotional support animal, (ESA), or official therapy dog. This is an in-depth, unbiased review of the site.


Emotional Support Animal Co. was founded by a close-knit group of friends who care for the emotional health of people and also happen to be huge animal lovers. They are a team of specialists working to provide you with the opportunity to obtain an emotional support declaration for your pet and a company that employs licensed therapists to provide quick and confidential assessments for you. Their goal at Emotional Support Animal Co. is to provide a means for you to live a more comfortable life.


Get ESA is an online platform who is Providing useful information about the emotional support animals that regard the choice of the animal, care, useful traveling tips, state regulations and much more including Connecting clients with licensed medical professionals that specialize in writing ESA letters.