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Making Your Dog Throw up in 2 Minutes


Dogs chew almost anything and everything in their line of sight, from shoes to toys, sticks, and plastics to food lying around. And while most puppies will always have something to chew on, some adult dog breeds like Labradors and dachshunds like chewing too.

Sometimes, dogs chew to pass the time. However, some could have a nutritional condition called pica, where dogs, especially puppies, chew on things with no nutritional benefit. And when they swallow these harmful products; this could cause harm.

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When Should You Make Your Dog Throw Up?

You have or will be there at some point if you own a puppy, a time when your dog ingests something harmful, and the only option you may have to resolve the problem is by inducing vomiting. Maybe your dog came across some tasty treats like chocolate.

Other substances that could prompt you to induce vomiting include:

When your dog eats:

  • Gum
  • Rat poison
  • A sock
  • Chicken bones
  • Grapes

But if you’ve thought of it, then you must know that there are times when making your dog throw up could cause more harm than good. So, when do you make your dog throw up?

Here are some instances when you can make your dog vomit:

  • If the substance ingested was poisonous
  • If the dog recently ingested the product
  • If there are no signs of the effects of consuming the poison
  • If your dog is healthy, and you are sure that it would not inhale the vomit
ESA dog throw up
When To Make Your Dog Vomit

When Should You Never Induce Vomiting?

Maybe you have come home and found your dog lying on the ground, with some substance next to it, and open. Once you confirm that the dog has ingested these harmful substances, the first step is to call a vet.

However, if, after consultation, you resort to making your dog throw up, there are some precautions.

For instance:

  • Do not make your puppy vomit if the poison ingested is corrosive, such as batteries and cleaners, or petroleum distillates such as kerosene and motor oil.
  • If your dog belongs to the brachycephalic breed, like Pekingese or pugs, you should not induce vomiting since they are prone to aspiration pneumonia.
  • Do not make the dog throw up if it swallowed sharp objects since they could damage the esophagus during regurgitation.
  • If you find your dog in a comatose state, then NEVER induce vomiting.
  • NEVER make your dog throw up if it has ingested the substance for more than 2-6 hours.

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Back to the topic of the day, how do you make your dog throw up in less than 2 minutes?

How Do I Make My Dog Vomit?

The most common technique known to dog owners for making their dogs throw up is the use of hydrogen peroxide. By using peroxide of 3% concentration, at the ratio of one tablespoon: 10 pounds body weight, you can make your dog throw up in less than 2 minutes safely and effectively.

But what happens when you do not have peroxide at home or near you?

Use Salt

How can you make your dog throw up with salt? Well, salt and dogs don’t go together. And if you are at home trying to make your dog vomit, try using salt.

The technique for inducing regurgitation involves:

  • Tilt the head of your dog, looking upwards
  • Place half a teaspoon of salt at the back of the mouth
  • Release the dog’s mouth to allow it to swallow the salt

The process should work in less than 2 minutes, and if it does not, repeat the above steps with the same dosage.

ESA pet
The technique for Inducing Vomiting in a Dog

NEVER Use Your Hands!

While some consider making a dog throw up using hands, the method is quite dangerous. Due to the difference in gag reflexes between humans and pets, you might end up causing more harm to the pet. Alternatively, you could end up with a bitten hand.

How to Make Your Dog Throw up Chocolate

Chocolate might be a sweet treat for humans, but it is fatal for your puppy. And after ingestion, dogs tend to throw up naturally. However, when they don’t, then you might consider helping them regurgitate to avoid the severe symptoms of eating dark chocolate.

The best, safest, and most recommended technique is to use hydrogen peroxide. Alternatively, you could use salt.

What If a Dog Doesn’t Throw up Hydrogen Peroxide?

Imagine you have fed your dog with peroxide, and nothing happens. Now, what do you do? We emphasize the importance of talking to a vet when your pet is in danger.

Sometimes you try giving the dog hydrogen peroxide, but nothing happens. At such times, you can re-dose the dog in a 10-15 minutes interval. If you still fail to induce vomit, then the best course of action is to take your dog to the vet immediately.

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How to Stop My Dog From Vomiting Blood and Bile?

Agitating the throat and stomach muscles to cause regurgitation has its share of side effects. Your dog might start throwing up bile or blood. What can you do about that?

If the dog threw up blood once, then there is no cause for alarm. However, you can try by applying a dietary plan for repeated events, such as skipping one meal for observation.

However, if the symptoms persist, then contact your veterinarian.

Finding a licensed, legit, and highly rated vet at affordable prices can be a daunting task, especially if your dog is in danger. However, at ESADoctors Review, we help you identify the best doctors for your dog. Contact us for more information.


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